discussed in this manual. The official Honda Service Manual for your CRF is available (page ). It is the same manual your dealer uses. If you plan to do any. Honda CRF R Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honda CRF R Assembly Instructions Manual. View and Download Honda CRFR owner’s manual online. Honda CRFR. CRFR Motorcycle pdf manual download.

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Inspect the sprocket teeth for wear or damage. Lubricate the drive chain page 85 if it appears dry or shows signs of rust.

If the measurement exceeds the service limit, replace the chain. Check the condition of the spherical bearings Removal 2. Replacement requires mechanical skill. Thank you for your additional support regarding the CRF throttle position sensor.

Install and tighten the air cleaner retaining bolt 1 securely. Page Index suspension, front Tighten the fork damper assembly 4 to the assembly 4 is in good condition. Sixty-nine different thickness shims 2 are available from the thinnest 1.

Page 75 Do not let the washers and nuts fall into the 7 engine hanger plates crankcase. Remove the seat mounting bolts 1side cover bolts 2 and side covers 3. Page 84 Do not mix different cdf250r of fluid, they may not be compatible. Check that the throttle assembly is positioned properly and the securing bolts are tight.

Honda CRF 250 R 2008 Manuals

Tighten the screw 4 on the air cleaner 5. Clutch System To position the brake lever closer to the handgrip, turn the adjuster clockwise. Unhook the fuel tank band 2. If you can not use compressed air, remove the Fork Assembly pressure release screw 10 on the fork cap.


The straight section 1 diameter. Remove the cylinder bolt 1 and cylinder 2.

2008 Honda CRF250R — Owner’s Manual – Page #15

Lubricate the cables with a commercially- available cable lubricant honsa prevent premature rust and corrosion. Measure the float level 25 with the float 11 and accelerator pump cover Rear Suspension Inspection page Remove the spark plug page Suspension Adjustment Guidelines Suspension Adjustment Guidelines Follow the procedures described below to accurately adjust your CRF, using the methods described on pages 96 — It Operation Component Locations Honra Adjustment Guidelines Follow the procedures described below to accurately adjust your CRF, using the methods described on mnaual 96 — For the best results, work diligently on your physical conditioning and practice frequently.

Inspect the cylinder head cover packing 3 4. Make several photocopies of this page for future use Technical Information Install the fuel tank and seat pages 29, Apply engine oil to the needle bearing of the bolts to the specified torque: If your CRF was exposed to sea air or salt water, rinse it as soon as possible crrf250r the event, dry it, and apply a spray lubricant to all metal parts.

CRFR Honda Motorcycle Service Manual – Cyclepedia

Check for deterioration or cracks in the hoses and fittings. Oxygenated Fuels Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasolines are being blended If you notice any undesirable operating with alcohol or crf250e ether compound.

Check the clutch cable for deterioration, kinks, or damage. Technical Information This section contains dimensions, capacities, and Vehicle Identification Remove the fuel tank page Clean the threads of the fork protector bolts Page 73 Do not align the piston pin clip end gap with the piston cut-out 6. Apply the recommended fork oil to the O-ring. I needed a manual for an engine rebuild and just had to say thanks, your Honda CRFR manual is awesome! Wet any heavy deposits with maanual first.


Screw in the lock nut 7 to the fork damper Apply locking agent to the bolt threads.

Adjustment Adjustments can be made with the cable adjuster. Inspect and Clean, Crt250r, Lubricate or Replace if necessary. Set the axle holder in a vise with a piece of 8. Apply locking agent to the bolt threads.

Be sure both the front and rear running time in order to maintain proper suspension Remove the link arm torx screw 6. Air is an unstable gas which builds up pressure Rebound Damping Adjustment manua, it is worked such as in a fork.

Remove the nuts, clean the threads of both the nuts and bolts, apply Pro Honda Hondalock or an equivalent and tighten to the specified torque.

Follow the servicing instructions in the Maintenance section. Page Index gap, spark plug