2SC Datasheet PDF Download – NPN SILICON FPITAXAIL TRANSISTOR, 2SC data sheet. Description, NPN Silicon Fpitaxail Transistor. Company, ETC. Datasheet, Download 2SC datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts: ECG23, 2SC, ECG 2SC は高周波高出力段用に設計されており, 27MHz帯の CB および 50MHz. * C – 7 BRISLIT. GEOT DAMEMO,. 短絡に対する耐破壊強度が大です。.

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2SC Datasheet PDF – ETC

This means, you get high amplification rates on 80 meters and a very much lower one on 10 meters. But due to the fact that the ATMega has got plenty of available ports that is not a problem at all.

Sorry, not on the agenda. The fake part has straight edges whereas the genuine one has a slightly widened space around the mounting hole looking like a double nose. I am omitting it on my 30M and 40M builds; it appears to be superfluous. This means on 80 and 40 meters 2scc1307 can expect tremendous gain.

2SC Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

Thank you very much, Harold and Ollie. I had two cases of faked semiconductors the recent year. Some months later I needed to replace the final amp transistor of one of my rigs and wanted to give one my recently purchased 2SC the debut. Next steps are an IF preamplifier which is connected to a manual gain control potentiometer sited in the front panela ladder filter with about 2. Alternative 2 ensures very much a higher level of signal seperation but depends on the availability of the respective ICs needed like the 74HC a multiplexer IC for example Because of the fact that from a former model railraod project I still had a large bunch of 5V coil voltage OMRON relays, I decided to use these.

Effective decoupling is a big problem with this on the other hand cheap and handy method. And, because a push-pull amp offers built-in even-harmonics suppression, the production of overtones is limited by this circuit without the need for filters.

DDS and amplifier for QRP SBB multi band transceiver C DK7IH Band switching The main thing that makes a multiband transceiver much more complex than a monobander is the neccessity to switch frequency related filters in certain parts of the circuit even if broadband designs are widely applied. Not very nice if you want to achieve a comparable amount of gain on all the bands the transceiver is going to cover.


The main problem with transistor amplifiers mainly those designed for rf purposes is the gain-vs-frequency problem. But some experiments were neccessary to optimize the VFO circuit. One of the reasons for this was improper shielding of the band filter section that follows the TX mixer. Next get an image of an original LM on the web.

The transmitter I have to admit, I underestimated the diffculties that I was going to face when constructing a 3 to 30 MHz broadband QRP amplifier with a power output level of about 10 watts on all the five bands covered. Due to physical reasons Nyquist frequency the highest frequency you can get out of such a DDS is about one third of the clock oscillator frequency what in the first case means about 40 MHz.

That, in general, is not a big problem at all, if you know how these devices look like.

2SC1307 Datasheet

For further buyings of RF power transistors. It takes only 1 or 2 minutes for example getting the transmitter board out for changing a component. After having powered up the rig and having switched it to transmit, I found that there was no rf power except from some 50 Milliwatts instead of 5 Watts.

But, no need to get desperate: Nowadays one way to get the components we need as homebrewing radioamateurs is buying them via ebay or another online marketplace. So, first I went through literature to avoid fulminant project failure which is more probable when making serious mistakes that can easily be avoided by careful planning.

NEC 2SC1307 To-220 NPN Silicon Fpitaxail Transistor

Based on these prerequisites, here are the main ideas for this radio: On the other hand I had kept in mind that a broadband design always offers significantly lower overall gain than a monoband amplifier. In addition, negative feedback 2sc107 applied to the 3 of the 4 stages to reduce gain when the operating frequency is low:.


The board has nearly all the ports of the installed ATMega to be accessed by the 2scc1307. If you want to avoid beeing cheated by ruthless fakers when buying components via an online marketplace, test the devices that you get instantly. I use CB transistors with a relatively high transition frequency ft of ratasheet MHz or even higher.

If your component has thin wires, these will fall out off the socket.

So, a lot of potential problems ware waiting for datadheet ambitious radio constructor. Got an idea why? The main objectives for the receiver were: My simple answer then is: Check the data sheet for exact data before buying a certain relay model.

Also I had lots of parasetics particularly on the higher bands and self-oscillation occured dagasheet soon as I started to increase the drive coming from the tx mixer. My first mistake before bypassing correctly was to try to bring monoband concepts to a broadband amplifier.

The succeeding diode based product detector is fed by the amplified IF and by the carrier oscillator which is also sited on dataasheet receiver circuit board. This site uses cookies. Most relays normally tend to have good RF decoupling capabilities because capacities of the unswitched contact pairs are in the One shortcoming should be mentioned: If you own a spectrum analyzer you can write a simple test program to produce sine waves over the whole frequency an check the flatness of your DDS this way.

Adequate emitter bypassing was one of these. To make the 2ec1307 stable and clean I applied 2sx1307 following techniques:. The cellphone display can be run in 2 different modes. These are seperated by the input transformer and are put together again by the output transformer:.