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Schematics diagram schematics in Eagle 6 format Assembling First we check if all holes are correctly drilled. You didn’t post your circuit. PDF format Eagle6 format. Pin 1 for the is the most positive pin i. We must also check allowed voltage of capacitors. Connect collector to negative dataeheet supply.

Dual power supply

If this is just for a short demo, then catasheet may be able to use a few batteries. Possibly also available in a “variety bag”.

Andy aka k 10 dayasheet Next are small filter capacitors and also signaling LEDs connected via resistors. If your negative regulator is blown and you need a quick fix, replace the whole thing with a off the shelf 12 V power supply.


Output voltages are connected to 3 pin connector. When The Regulator is in the circuit it just passes the original voltage right though so on the output pin i get around 36 volts.

Supply works without troubles on the first power-on. I tried to 7l12 them symmetrically. Dagasheet understand this is a long shot but I really need this part my project will not work without it. For filtering of rectified voltage there are C1 and C2. What I mean by split the power supply at the transformer secondary is to actually split the center tap carefully to make 12, 0 and another 12, 0. When we use LEDs with a small current 2mA that we can use bigger resistors about 1k5.

So my senior project is due Thursday and because of my extreme wits and knowledge I accidentally connected A Voltage regulator the incorrect way because I was unwary of the different pin-out. If it’s only for a reference voltage with a very small current, maybe the shop has a 79L24 absolute max. So you are telling me that the regulator is just passing the voltage though because it is over volted?


Connect emitter to the V output. I cannot be sure but over-driving at maybe 37 or 38 volts is a good reason you destroyed it. Circuit has on the primary side only fuse. Transformer in this package create a lot of manufacturers.

  AWWA D100 96 PDF

79L12 데이터시트(PDF) – Daya Electric Group Co., Ltd.

datahseet This question appears to be off-topic. I also posted the link to the website in my first comment. You could build something similar if you don’t need high performance. D1 is a 13V 1W Zener and could be made up from some combination of zeners in series.

We assemble parts from a smaller to bigger. The 79L series are mA regulators in TO packages. R1 is a 2W power resistor and could be made from combining other values.

You should strongly consider using a much smaller input voltage like 18V too. Well there’s your basic problem – the absolute maximum input voltage you can put on a is 35 volts – if you have 36 volts on the output then you’ll likely have even more on the input side. Olin Lathrop k 30