: A Great and Terrible Beauty (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy) ( ): Libba Bray: Books. Free summary and analysis of the events in Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty that won’t make you snore. We promise. by Libba Bray A Great and Terrible Beauty is young adult fiction, which we know because it Bray’s first book in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy is a page-turner.

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Gemma’s brother asks if she’s “still chaste. He tells her not to dig any deeper and to leave things alone.

It is told from the perspective of Gemma Doylea girl in the year Is this a good book? Gemma is a great character, but gerrible friends are not so easily likeable for me.

In the opening scene of Bray’s riveting debut novel set in Victorian times, narrator Gemma Doyle walks the streets of Bombay, India, with her mother on her 16th birthday. As the girls become friends, they learn about each other’s struggles. Terrrible saying that though there were parts towards the end that I couldn’t have predicted.

A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1) by Libba Bray

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Such a great adventure! In this debut gothic novel mysterious visions, dark family secrets and a long-lost diary thrust Gemma and her classmates back into the horrors that followed her from India. The ending didn’t quite work as well for me as the rest of the book, but perhaps I was simply reading too fast by that point.


God is in the details. It is an interesting world that Bray has invented and I am keen to learn more. I felt like I was watching a bad movie. This book has supernatural elements; why do you think this type of book is so popular right now?

The Romani people wandering the schoolgrounds suffer from even greater stereotyping: This also reads just like an early s novel, with all the problematic content being there. And here or there, there was actually an interesting insight embedded among all the tripe.

Based on 6 reviews. It’s a quick, easy read and it doesn’t charge you too much brain cells, but I still won’t recommend it to people who’ve already read a few paranormal YA novels before, because the story really is Nothing Special. That said, it’s a very good one. Books by Libba Bray.

After finishing the book, I was left with an overwhelming sensation of “meh. Seriously, I could and if I ever have the time, will make a list of young adult lit brayy employ that infamous word! Overall, this book was a pleasant reading experience. If you inhale enough you will get super duper high and will enjoy this conc Mysterious Sexy Boy: Here, I alternated between feeling like Libba was superimposing modern-day sensibilities and feeling like she was grossly exaggerating the norms of the times.


As the three friends awaken, they see Pippa seizing on the ground. Boarding school stories are f a s c i n a t i n g. The girls except Gemma get naked, chase, and kill a deer, hitting it in the head until it’s pulpy.

Bonnie Shores Bookworm wrote: It is like really, really, really, really okay. I can hear the swoons of teenage girls everywhere. Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Gemma Doyle 3 books.

The girls continue to sneak out to the caves in the middle of the night and visit the realms. I was originally upset over the ending of the sweet and far thing, but I think it was necessary for it brqy end the way it did.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

Continue reading Show less. This series is one of my favorite. But that doesn’t really give you much insight into me. Ditto for the boarding school where beauyt girls seem to get away with murder because the headmistress called Mrs.

His Dark Materials, Book 1. Despite that, I did like oibba. I was also prepared for the customs, superstitions and blatant sexism of the times.

Which they do indeed find out just what is out there for them.