.. Dit aanvraagformulier is ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands. spouse. invalidity benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA benefits). when you receive a ZW-, WAZ-, WAO-, WIA- or WAJONG benefit. Please check C. Do you have a diploma from one of the.

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If you submit this application without having been to the police and you did not report the human trafficking or you did not cooperate, aanvrasgformulier application will not be handled. Option and naturalisation procedures for former Dutch nationals 1.

The educational institution must submit the application on your behalf. For whom is More information.

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The copies will be added to your application. Social insurance payments usually called benefits are related to social. Working as a self-employed aanvraaformulier in the Netherlands Working as a self-employed person in the Netherlands 3 Mission IND Migration poses ever-changing and complex problems for our society.

Or a legalised copy of the Master or Doctorate diploma at a educational institution abroad which has been included in aahvraagformulier Top of the lists of the ‘Times Higher Education Supplement’ or the ‘Jiao Tong Shanghai University’ published intogether with the relevant list of marks.

If you are coming to Scotland on holiday or to visit friends or relatives, you.

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wiaa It is also available at www. You aanvraagformuliwr only use this form if one of the following situations applies to you: If you do not comply with this condition and you are submitting this application nevertheless, your application will be tested against the condition for residence with a spouse or partner or registered partner. If any new jobs are created, this must be demonstrated by either the contents of the business plan, which must, in particular, show the feasibility of the financial aspects, or by employment agreements.

A copy of the application for a work permit or a copy of the work permit itself see the explanation on page 3 of this form ; A copy of the trainee agreement. This form proves that you have undergone a TB test, but the form may not be older than 6 months; n I have not yet undergone a TB test in the Netherlands: Your birth certificate or – if the family relationship between you and your sponsor is not evident from your birth certificate – other documents showing that family relationship see the explanation Foreign Documents on page 2 and Language on page 3 of this form ; Documents relating to the parental authority the sponsor has over you if you were born during the marriage of your parents, aanvraagformuliee birth certificate will suffice ; If you are 15 years of age or older, also submit the following: If the diploma aanvraagformulie not written in the Dutch, English, French or German language, you must have this diploma translated.


Only if there are special and individual circumstances will you possibly be able to obtain a residence permit without an MVV.

If you are a child by a previous relationship of the sponsor, also submit the following The declaration of consent signed by the parent staying behind in respect of your departure from abroad if the parents have joint parental authority ; Copies of the identification document of the parent aanvrazgformulier behind; If the sponsor has a temporary asylum residence permit and if you have a different nationality from the sponsor, and the application has been submitted three months after the asylum residence permit has been granted to the sponsor, please also submit the following: Do you have Bulgarian or Romanian nationality?

An aanvraagformulief certificate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showing that immediately prior to submitting the application you had a residence permit on the basis of a privileged status as a dependent family member staying with the sponsor; Document showing that you cohabit with the sponsor; Evidence showing that you are running a joint household with the sponsor; If applicable, the certificate of registration at the Municipal Administration GBA of your marriage or registered partnership; Copies of all the pages containing the identification details of your sponsor s Dutch passport or identity card.

For whom is this form intended? The advantage of a residence permit for continued residence is that the extension of the period of validity of this residence permit Signature of the foreign national the applicant I have filled in this form truthfully. Application for a residence permit for a long-term third country national from outside the EU foreign national Read the explanation before you start to fill out the form. A aanvraagformulied of the decision of the SVB awarding the right to the basic provisions or the remigration provisions and stating the departure date; A copy of the Appendix to the decision of the SVB showing the entrance date of the residence permit granted aaanvraagformulier for a non-temporary purpose and the continuous duration of your previous stay in the Netherlands.


An original Appendix Declaration of Non-Impediment filled in completely and signed by you and showing that you are unmarried and that you do not provide for children of your own or for children that depend on you. What to do to regain Dutch citizenship? This declaration may not be older than 1 month.

It is a permit which is required to enter and remain in Schengen area for a short period aanvraagfoemulier time, for example, to visit relatives.

Visa options for Sporting Events Visa options for Sporting Events Visa information While this fact sheet provides an outline of the most common visa options for those travelling to Australia to participate in a sporting event, please More information.

Background information on applying to the WRS 1. If such case is found after the More information. Instructions for expatriate Finns Instructions for expatriate Finns Information wiq the address and personal circumstances of Finnish nationals residing abroad only stay up to date if they report any changes in such information to the More information.

According to the law, the IND must make a decision on your application within 6 months. The financial documents must have been prepared or assessed by an independent expert.

The relevant situations are listed and explained below: