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Rio de Janeiro: ABNT (NBR ) (In Portuguese) 7. Brazilian Association of extract from solid residues. Rio de Janeiro: ABNT (NBR ). Brazilian Association of Technical Norms, in ABNT NBR Procedure for obtention leaching extract of solid wastes (Rio de Janeiro, ), p. 16 8. ABNT NBR , Solid Waste: Classification, Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ABNT NBR , Leaching of.

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Ceramic materials are among those most traditionally used in the construction sector. The duly identified formulations were packed in hermetically sealed plastic containers for moisture homogenization for a period longer than 24 h. Figure 2 Linear thermal retraction of the formulations studied. Energy—efficient buildings PPP, multi—annual road map and longer term strategy.

Samples A, B, D and F were put into the furnace with carbon graphite The obtained results encouraged a study regarding the hazard potential of CRT monitors. Services on Demand Journal. Geological assessment and utilization with drinking water treatment sludge in brick manufacture. Being a ratio of the initial measure to the final.

Currently produced ceramic coatings are generally composed of three distinct layers: Through the work carried out, it can be said that the addition of the enamel waste to the clayey mass of heavy clay ceramics influences its properties.

The samples are press with diameters of 73 mm and thickness of 15 mm identified, weighed, and measured. Chemical pollution of aquatic environment by priority pollutants and its control.

August 07, Published: The funnel glasses from different CRT were all mixed together. Adapted from ABNT b.

The structural or heavy clay ceramics industry is a basic activity making civil construction possible, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The procedures presented the NBR simulate the leaching that may occur to a non-sheltered waste; a flowchart of the norm is presented in Fig.


The lead concentration in the leached solution demonstrates that CRT monitors are a hazardous waste to the environment and are classified as Class I – Dangerous Waste according to NBR Materials anbt methods The ceramic residue used in this work provided by a Brazilian company from Santa Catarina state from the process of washing and 100005 of enamels. The NBR displays a list of known hazardous materials and their characteristics and can be related to the Code of Federal Regulations title 40, subtitle of the United States 40 C.

Publications Office of the European Union; The burning tends to reduce the amount of organic material present in the 1005 and its dimensions too.

On the other hand, samples D, E and F are below the standard. The panel component is the heaviest part and it contains elements such as barium, strontium, and yttrium. Segundo van Geen et al. Bases para o futuro.

Okada extracted lead 10050 the glass of CRT by using hydrochloric acid and by melting the glass under different oxidizing conditions. Pollution causes, effects and control. Services on Demand Journal.

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It also 01005 that, apart from the concentration of lead, barium, zirconium and strontium in panelthe three glass parts have similar composition. The monitors were manually dismantled using tools such as pliers, screwdriver, electric saw, saw, hammer, vise. As stated by Okadaa material containing lead may scatter and result in oral intake of the dispersed lead by humans, which ultimately results in health problems. The manufacture of red ceramics is able to absorb high amounts of solid residues from several segments, mainly due to the large volumes involved, allows greater tolerance in the composition of its mass.

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licenseabjt permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially. According to Figure 3the loss of ignition of the standard mass and of the formulations was coherent, since they presented values between 5.


ABNT – Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas

The possible redox reactions are as follows Veit abmt al. September 26, ; Accepted: To determine the ideal extrusion humidity of the formulated samples, the plasticity test is performed with the Standard Mass STDwith the following humidity percentages: How to cite this article.

Cathode ray tube monitors were collected for these experiments; their manufacturing year varied from to Figure 1 Index of plastic deformation by the humidity of the plasticity test by Pfefferkorn test. The civil construction sector, particularly in the manufacture of inputs, is constantly increasing with great potential impact. This procedure was adopted in order to guarantee the same conditions established by the industrial process. It is clear that recycling waste of CRT is important not only for mitigating environmental issues, but also for maximizing the value of the waste Zhang et al.

Therefore, it is possible to analyze the difference in the linear retraction of burning of the formulations. The ideal moisture for making these specimens is determined by the Pfefferkorn plasticity assay.

The waste was classified based on the American methodology SW B, 29 and the Brazilian technical references: The technological properties evaluated were linear thermal retraction of drying and firing, loss on fire, water absorption and mechanical resistance.

Cathode ray tube CRT monitors are electronic equipment mainly made of glass, polymers and metals. The amount of sample prepared was 1 kg for each formulation and then homogenized manually with the help of a metal spatula and then an eccentric mixer.

For this procedure the weighings of the Standard Mass STD and also of the waste were carried out with a balance electronic mark, model SF with a maximum capacity of 10 kg.