This Pin was discovered by Martin Molina. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Media in category “Agave durangensis”. The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Agave durangensis ().jpg Agave durangensis ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung der Agaven (Agave). Ein englischer Trivialname ist „Gentry´s Durango-Zacatecas Agave“.

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Are you getting that type of read on it? So how do you know? What I am getting at is whether or not it is the same plant?

[Mass propagation of Agave durangensis Gentry] [1998]

Typically accompanied by dried beef marinated with a little lime, local fruit paste like cherries and figs, and local hard cheeses. It is of the land. Variation was durangendis in the seed weight 0. This has all been updated, with many more agave varietals, in my new book!

In my list, it counts as a type of agave from which mezcal is durngensis if I can find a brand or credible reference that says mezcal is made from the species, variety, sub-variety or sub-species. Briana Gregory November 13, at La Mezcaloteca tends to be very good at putting the species e. Thanks for this info.


Oaxaca mareewise November 6, at 4: Sorry the slow reply — I was in Oaxaca! This impacts the flavor. Live off your land. Having visited the type localities of all the Sierra Mixteca Agaves, I agree durangennsis is distinct from kerchovei. Therefore, should we consider things like tobasiche and madrecuixe to be truly different varieties of agave from which mezcal is made????

For example, with the species Agave American L. Mezcal PhD December 6, at 1: You should check out the new book published by Ulises Torrentera, Mezcalaria.

Is there an official list? This species, like many Agaves, is prone to a phenomenon called geomorphism, meaning that it changes form in accordance with the geographical setting in which it happens to grow, i. Ventura Gallegos Producing this mezcal with generations durangesnis tradition, Ventura Gallegos creates a perfectly balanced mezcal.

Agave durangensis| plant lust

Hello, I enjoy your list, but I want to suggest additions. The point is that some people would say that coyote is just another name for the more commonly known arroqueno Agave American L. Copper still with an oak hat. I was hoping you could direct me towards that academic paper cited in aave chart of agave names. Dear MezcalPhD, Thank you for putting together this extraordinary list. But in this game, kerchovi could be accurate too so keep your eyes out!


So I am stating upfront that this is not THE list. And therefore, am I double counting in my list? Is it made from a tobala, Karwinsky, madrecuixe agave.

Are fruits or poleo wild mint added for flavor? So from this I would interpret that you could use blue agave under this regulation to make an officially recognized commercial mezcal, just not in one of the states recognized as a producer of tequila Jalisco, Michoacan, etc. I have seen 16, 23, 28 and Mezcal PhD December 27, at 4: Mezcal PhD September 4, at The vast majority of these producers are small palenques essentially farmsso they use the agsve that can be found right there.

I have a bottle myself that confirms A. There really are so many factors affecting the process similar to wine, where […]. This agave takes between years to reach maturity and takes approximately kg to produce 1L of mezcal. Agave durangensis propagates basically by seeds.