The Algerine Captive: or, The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill ( Modern Library Classics) [Royall Tyler, Caleb Crain] on *FREE*. H/K^vl s ^ /,,/ i THE ALGERINE CAPTIVE; OR, THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OP DOCTOR UPDIKE UNDERBILL. V, > i SIX YEARS A PRISONER AMONG. In his preface to The Algerine Captive (I), “the author,”. Updike Underhill writes: There are two things wanted, said a friend to the author: that we write our.

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OMITTING the lions in the Tower, the regalia in tbe jewel office, and the other insignia of Bri tish royalty, of which Englishmen are so justly proud, 1 shall content myself with mentioning the most singular curiosity I saw in London.

I am sure you have made a law againste this cryinge sin. I immediately procured for her the great doctor Johnson s in two volumes loll.?.

More than once I have repaired there alone, and exclaimed, with a loud voice, Is master Updike Underbill at home? The third physician dealt altogether in simples.

XXL For man s relief the healing art was given ; A wise physician is the boon of heaven. I will not say which, as I am loth to offend ; and our fashionable fellow citizens, of the south arm of the union, may not think divine service any credit to them. He also wrote several legal tracts, six plays, a musical drama, two long poems, a semifictional travel narrative, The Yankey in Londonand essays.

Doug White rated it it was amazing Jul 01, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. My mother joined the minister, observing that Updike should have learning, though she worked her hands to the bone to procure it.

Catalog Record: The Algerine captive; or, The life and | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Our lin guist has told me, he has olten heard them behind the bushes praying to their God for my prosperity, and asking him with earnestness, why he put my good black soul into a white body.

Stripes and a dungeon.

The first half is a fun little romp through American society with a clueless Ichabod Crane character in a way Twain would later copy. The first fell a sacrifice to strong li quor ; the second put his trust in horses, and was ruined by the loss of a valuable sire ; the third quarrelled with the midwife, and was obliged to remove ; the fourth, having prescribed rather un luckily for a young woman of his acquaintance, grievously afflicted with a tympany, went to algfrine Ohio ; and the last, being a prudent man, who sold his books and instruments for wild algerien, and raised his own crop of medicine, was actually in the way of making a great fortune ; for, in captiev ten year s practice, he left at his decease, an es tate both real and personal, which was appraised at one hundred pounds, lawful money.


My friend was so happily influenced by the habits of these liberal enlighten ed people, that he could not even comprehend the tendency of cwptive remark. Retrieved 8 October It seems he was on a party of pleasure ; and had been so much involved in it, for three weeks, as not to have paid his respects to his venerable relative. The algefine hastened from all quarters to his as sistance. Certainly, the feeling is a nobler sense than that you call sight.

This was the only instance of the overwhelming gratitude of parents I received. The farmer s daughter, while she pities the misfortune of some modern heroine, aglerine exposed to the attacks of vice, from which her ignorance would have formed her surest shield.

When they arrived at the factory the men were unlosed from the poles, but still chained in pairs, and turned into strong cells built for the purpose.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill by Royall Tyler

When I pondered this perilous, piteous, pertina cious, pestiferous, petrifying case, I immediately thought of the directions of the learned doctors Hudibras and M fc Fingal, not forgetting, as the wound was on the leg, the great Cruikshank s church history. I cannot even now reflect on this transaction without shuddering.

When we learned wish to know if a wound endangers life, we consequently inquire into the affections of the patient, and see if the wound injures the seat of his soul: This so pleased our minister, who prided himself on the strength of his own lungs, that, a short time after, coming to my father s to dickeras they styled it, about a swap of cattle, and not finding my father sharp at the bargin, he changed the discourse up on me, observing, “how delighted he was with my performances at school.

The Author taken Captive by the Jllgerines. In latehe returned to Harvard to study law, and was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in While the beginning is admittedly a little slow and the second half is a little dense, it offers an incredible perspective on “The American Dream” that people still idealize today, despite it’s many This is a really great read if you can pick up on all the irony and satire – otherwise, it would probably be pretty hard to get through.


The next morning all was still. When reduced to my last dollar, and beginning to suffer from the embarrassments of debt, I was invited by a sea captain, who knew my friends, to accept the birth of surgeon in his ship.

You ob served, that as all the children of the great family of the earth were compounded of similar mem bers, features, and lineaments, how wonderfully it displayed the skill of the Almighty Artist to model such an infinite variety of beings, and dis tinctly diversify them, from the same materials.

In the next town I was assured I might do well as a physician, if I would keep a grog-shop, or let myself as a labourer in the hay season, and keep a school in the winter. The popular physician, the musical doc tor, told Uv a jovial story ; and then suddenly re laxing his features, observed, that he viewed the groaning wretch as a monument cptive justice: Permit me to illustrate this observation by an anecdote.

Upon good grounds I am led to believe “hat the charity of the tea-table had added to her ; because, from a long acquaintance with f 6 A. When he spoke of religion, his.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill

When he left New Eng land, books of biography, travels, novels, and mod ern romances, were confined to our seaports ; or, if known in the country, were read only in the families of clergymen, physicians, and lawyers: As cqptive, it was my duty to in spect the bodies of the slaves, to see, as the cap tain expressed himself, that our owners were not shammed off with unsound flesh. The next morning no vessels were to be seen on the coast, and the ensuing day was xaptive in a state of dreadful suspense.

The eyes are comparatively poor, puny, weak organs. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. I would recommend The Algerine Captive to anyone interested in the history of the early American nation. He then gave it an other, which occupied the other hand. The jolly boat, about ten minutes before, had made towards the shore ; but was recalled by a musket-shot from the ship.

Hannah Ringler rated it liked it Sep 14, His shoe- buckles of the size of half a dollar.