Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed. Hard Rock Selective Mining. Methods. • Room and Pillar. • Cut and Fill. • Shrinkage. • Alimak Mining. • Raise bore and Box hole Mining. Maxwell Adombila Akalaare 22 September Golden Star Resources (GSR) has sealed a three-year deal with Canadian mining contractor.

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Other improvements have focused on the climber end.

Raise (mining)

The method works best if the ore boundaries can be interpolated between adjacent raises. Raise mining is a “longhole” method of bulk mining tabular narrow vein ore bodies. The short drill holes make this method very effective in narrow veins.

Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The down dip helps the toes break to the stope wall. Manroc has worked minibg major mining firms around the world, and has built a solid reputation. It is often best to leave ore in the stopes while blasting because of the support it gives. The climber nests are always in the hangingwall. Fill fence and piping if required. Steelmaking coal price surge reinvigorates Canadian mmethod Kylie Williams.

SAMS mechanizes much of the work that in traditional underground mining is done by hand — using long tom drills instead of handheld jack leg drills, for example. Successful users of the technique have found that it accelerates their path to production by centring development work within the ore body. There is often considerably less waste development with raise mining than with regular open stoping.

Review our range of underground mining services below. We are pleased to provide lateral mine development as a part of our comprehensive range of underground mining services. This step is often required where rock fill is used. Fewer, larger stopes can be taken quicker because there are fewer cycles, i.

Golden Star, Manroc Dev’t agree on Alimak mining method – SAMSSA

Legacy builds a truck maintenance shop at a remove Chilean mine Maestro Digital Mine brings the digital revolution underground. The sub-horizontal production drill hole direction allows the use of the undercut as a slot and because of the increased stope height, there will be significantly fewer of these than there would be slots required for regular open stoping in the same area.


Ground Control Experience has shown that the stopes mined with a raise climber tend to be more stable than regular longhole open stopes. At Manroc, we have developed innovative solutions and highly specialized skills making us a leader in narrow vein exploitation. Proven benefits and outside financial pressure push modular construction into the mining mainstream.

While conventional mining methods apimak vertical separation between levels at every to metres, with SAMS, levels are only required every 50 to 60 metres. Metod attributes the higher cost of Alimak mining to reliance on contractors; at Williams mine, that makes it 10 per cent more expensive than longhole stoping. Allison Henstridge, engineering superintendent at the Williams mine, says the Alimak stopes produce higher tonnages: The broken ore often compacts slightly, resulting an effective swell of about one third its unbroken volume.

Once the climber nests are established, ore starts to flow. Avoiding repeat levels has slight time-saving effects during operation because it eliminates the further work, like fencing backfill, needed on each level.

This step is done once the stope is completely blasted. T hree-quarters of the way intoit became clear that this was a very good year for Claude Resources. Mining narrow ore bodies is vital to the international mining industry, and involves a high level of expertise surrounding geological issues. This improves drill accuracy which, in conjunction with the better ground control, reduces dilution substantially.

This should also contribute to a more stable hangingwall. The bulk of the waste development required with apimak method is the ore zone muning and the raise climber nests. This is very cost effective as the raise is centred in the stope, which concentrates methld support where it is needed most.

He said that Manroc was selected after a competitive bidding process that involved three companies.

Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed for narrow-veined, tabular ore bodies. Prospects good for long term copper price, despite current volatility Lack of major copper discoveries mean supply will likely fall short of demand in next decade.

  AL128B - PDF

There are several projects in Canada that could benefit from the technology — perhaps half a dozen are assessing their properties and reviewing their mine plans, Beauvais says. Raises must be driven big enough that a 2.

Ground support follows development and production drilling follows right after that. All of the equipment is electric and modular. Dilution is hard to control and it can nining awkward and difficult to secure the roof with bolts or screens.

In theory, and if properly cabled, the foliated hangingwall could be approximated as a laminate beam by the Voussoir approach, as described by Hutchinson and Diederichs A true innovation in underground mining, the Alimak method provides the highest safety standards in the industry, while increasing productivity, adding greater flexibility and maneuverability, and reducing overall mining costs.

SAMS is designed for orebodies up to minning metres thick to be mined in one pass. Strike length was kethod reduced from 15 to 14 metres after problems with hangingwall caving and dilution.

It was in production throughout the 20th century on an intermittent basis and has historically produced in excess of nine million ounces. All packed and ready to go Eavan Moore.

The production drill sits in the middle of its work, alimk the drilled length in half. Drawpoints and Climber Nest: This type of mining is best suited to tabular narrow vein ore bodies with enough dip for gravity ore flow.

The double railing forms the alijak of the system: Formation of this beam is helped by the ability to cablebolt up the centre of the hangingwall as well as on top and bottom sills. We are your preferred underground mining professionals.