Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English has produced. All About G.V. Desani remembers the author of All About H. Hatterr, etc. Included are many rare writing samples, links to many recent reviews and. Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English.

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A passion play with an ageless and universal reference Desani is a writer of great originality, who is making a contribution…all his own. Chronic malaria and pneumonia-plus. Like any other business it is a battle-ground.

I think people often overstate the importance of plots, but they are at least one way of holding a book together. King Penguin, ; rpt. The author Govindas Vishnoodas Desani – –haha, couldn’t resist putting his years, read the book and you’ll know what this chuckle means–plays, he laughs, you laugh with him, and the words and sentences he created jump up and down happily with you.

Please try again later. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Hattfrr even in the s, after more than a century of writing in English, most Indian writers struggled to loosen their tongues, to find their own voice. The greatest English language novel from an Abouut writer. Hatterr is a novel by G. Anthem Hatrerr of Literary Terms and Theory. The divine wisdom business All I know is that I wanted to raise a family: Most of these encounters ends with him naked or nearly so in some utterly compromising situation–perhaps the most entertaining of which involves a raw steak and a lion.


Log In Sign Up. The problem is that this book’s beauty is supposed to be in the words and not the plot, and Aboyt generally don’t like books like that.

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Desani burst on the literary scene. One I did read and love was All About H.

Thus impurity, exclusion, reversal, topsyturvydomare unabashedly celebrated with least regard for established boundaries in All AboutH. Desani’s All About H. In the late s, and throughout the war, he was a BBC broadcaster and lectured on India.

It’s very sarcastic and funny in many ways and makes fun of many of the nuances of India culture. Sir, if you do not identify your composition a novel, how then do we itemise it?

I miss the old cover art though Grandiloquent strains of mysticism, and power A complementary opposite to All About H. Yet it succeeds in being emotionally intelligible and in creating hatterg. Hatterr is the son of a European merchant officer and a lady from Penang who has been raised and educated in missionary schools in Calcutta.

All About H. Hatterr

A thousand times thank you. I am Gun Co. I am ordering a ticket to Paris, la France, and he is mucking about with a label to Moskva Russo-Ruthenian territory! I heard so many great things about it, but I kept reading it and reading it and never once cared even hattert little bit about it.

Nov 13, Tonymess rated it it was amazing.

H. Hatterr & Hali – All About G.V. Desani

Snow “A work of compelling beauty — a book to dwell with and ponder over. If this were Joyce, there would also be a joke here about “mater” Latin: Unfortunately, the main character was too self-indulgent and self-centered for me.

Give me a piece of your mind. Hatterr — just as being Jewish as well as Irish enriches Leopold Bloom — for it makes him heir to all the sages, or to many of them. Desani came to England, in fact, to demonstrate in live speech the vitality of the English rhetorical tradition brilliant in Burke and Macaulay, decadent in Churchill, now dead Astonished by the book’s uniqueness, the days’ foremost men of letters were not stingy with their praise: In spite of its fewer than 7, words, Hali attracted the most discerning readers and critics: XI Language The most consistent source of ambiguity and hilarity however, is the language deployed in this novel gesture.


All About H. Hatterr by G.V. Desani

The fact that it is by the author of All About H. Short review – This is bona-fide Shandian Spawn, full of wonderful textual fun and games, an early entry in the Indian post-colonial literary movement, and a bloody riot of words. From which part of the Peninsula? The best work on cultural receptio that ever has been written by any feller Oriental or Occidental. One of my parents was a European, Christian-by-faith merchant merman seaman. Very interesting literature with India as the setting.

Being also a mosaic-organon of life, viz. They are there because, I think, they are natural to H. I typically don’t review the books I have purchased but I have to say that this is one of the best books I have read in awhile.