Advanced Plating Technologies, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company, is an industry leading provider of passivation of stainless steel to ASTM A, AMS AMS-QQ-P QQ-P Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels. RATIONALE. AMSE is issued to incorporate all changes approved by AMS Committee. ASTM F86 for Orthopedic implants, AMS for aerospace, ASTM A It is relatively easy to modify a passivation process to satisfy ASTM A [link is to.

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What is AMS Passivation?

AMS Passivation Standards | Corrosion Resistance Improvement

There ;assivation other differences- ASTM A allows the use of any mix of nitric and passivatioj, so long as you show it works Nitric 5 solution.

We will check for issues with solution entrapment and other design concerns. Is your business surgical implants, or are you with a passivation shop, or what? I replied that the parameters are in compliance with standard A but he’s telling that we don’t have objective evidence to support the validation since A defines minimum requirements that could be insufficient to my process.

Do you have any experience in passivating parts unlike in the AMS suggestions? June 11—13, Chicago, IL. I assume that A was developed running several extreme conditions but I’ve been looking for that information and couldn’t find anything about it. But again, please describe your situation. Jan, Both passuvation are based heavily on the old QQ-P You used a gmail e-mail address and haven’t supplied company or industry information, paesivation I don’t know if your company must comply with this spec or you are the author of the job requirements.

Our services remove free iron and other contaminants on the surface of stainless steel parts, creating a passive surface with increased corrosion resistance.


Some customers ask for the parts to pass salt spray testing longer than A’s required 2 hours, etc. Ray Kremer Stellar Solutions, Inc. If so, how could I support that statement?

In simple terms, he’s saying that given 2 SS surfaces which have passivaation concentrations of free iron, the chemical reaction will paxsivation longer in the surface with more free iron.

Removing these contaminants improves corrosion resistance and the overall longevity of the part.

Passivation Pasivation process control program includes lot-by-lot acceptance testing and regular testing of all chemical baths and operating parameters. As a global organization of engineers and other technical experts, SAE International provides consensus-formed standards that help define the best practices for processing aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle components—including metal passivation services.

Is one better than another for medical devices?

I was looking at this thread and had this question Electropolishing and Passivation Standards. During forming, machining, tumbling, lapping and other operations performed in the manufacture of stainless steel products, microscopic particles of iron my be embedded in or deposited on the surfaces of these products.

The two standards are essentially equivalent. In reading through the specification I believe the drawing is incorrect. This is important because you can probably solve the problem by changing the spec to citric acid passivation, electropolishing, or something else if you are the author of the requirements and you are not in aerospace.

Of course testing with your parts against desired performance levels is recommended as well. Santa Clara Plating Co. Ray, Thank you for answering. ASTM F86 [link by ed. But I have a Problem with the steel 1. ASTM A renumbered those to nitric 1 through 4, while AMS brought back the ones that had been removed and has types 1 through 8.

ASTM A [link by ed. Always specify exactly what you want– e. Thanks for your time. It appears that the types are associated with method 1, not method 2.


ASTM A vs. AMS vs. ASTM F86? Which is the right passivation spec?

Passivatoon should never ask for “standard passivation” on imports. October 23, A. Do the parameters in A cover any worst case scenario? The “right” spec is the one that your customer requires. The best thing do to is ask the customer what they expect. All information presented is for general reference and does 7200 represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer. Selection of the correct passivation process is determined by the stainless steel alloy involved and by the specification requirements.

ASTM A967 vs. AMS 2700? Which is the right passivation spec?

What is standard to you may not be standard to them. AMS Passivation Standard As a global organization of engineers and other technical experts, SAE International provides consensus-formed standards that help define the best practices for processing aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle components—including metal passivation passsivation. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance.

What should I tell my customer? If you’re having it done for you, the testing is someone else’s problem, so you might consider AMS passivatiion A has a lot of excellent recommendations on general cleaning etc. Yet I never had any problems when we did use type II, and a few of our parts were H condition. AeroDef April 30 – May 1 Gain access to the technologies and people in aerospace and defense manufacturing.

Thanks a lot, David. As far as the additives, they aren’t xms necessary, but I like to think they do help quite a bit, since that’s essentially what my product is.