An anaesthetic vaporizer must deliver a safe, reliable concentration of volatile agent to the patient. Anaesthetists should understand the basic principles of. Vaporizers are an integral part of modern-day anaesthesia, allowing the delivery of safe concentrations of volatile anaesthetic agent. Over time, vaporizer design. Anaesthesia vaporizers for inhalational anaesthetic agents. Principal, classification, types, hazards.

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The reverse occurs as gas flow is reduced. The desflurane vaporizer will fail if mains power is lost. Usually this is a simple mechanical device. It consists of two parts: In addition, above There are generally two types of vaporizers: It occurs only at the surface of the liquid and requires heat energy, known as the latent heat of vaporization and will be increased by: Support Center Support Center.

Znaesthesia The operator adjusts the fraction of the total fresh gas that is diverted anaetshesia the vapourising chamber.

Modern Anaesthesia Vapourisers

However, many designs have a lever which adjusts the amount of fresh gas which enters the vaporising chamber. The use of an agent monitor can protect against such an eventuality. Partial failure of one or both of these valves may be associated with high levels of desflurane in the circuit. It evaporates a chamber containing desflurane using heat, and injects small amounts of pure desflurane vapor into the fresh gas flow.

Anaesthetic vaporizer

Computer assisted controls have maximised accurate inhalational agent delivery, particularly at low flow rates. Ohmeda Tec 4, 5 With the center vaporizer anzesthesia if three are mounted side by sideone can activate both outer vaporizers simultaneously in machines manufactured afterthis fault is corrected.

Although we refer to the MAC of agents in percentages, the clinical effect of volatile agents is determined by their partial pressure in tissues.

The expense and complexity of the desflurane vaporizer have contributed to the relative lack of popularity of desflurane, although in recent years it is gaining in popularity. Fresh gas from the flow meters enters the fresh gas inlet passes through a fixed restrictor and exits at the vapouriser’s gas outlet. All the tanks are connected by one-way valves to prevent back flow.


At a certain temperature, the boiling point, liquid molecules can enter their vapour anaeshhesia within the liquid, creating bubbles of saturated vapour that rise to the surface and break free. When the ball in the sight tube is at the bottom, the cassette contains 80 ml or less. The American society for testing and materials vwporizers workstation standard[ 1 ] contains the following provisions regarding vapourisers: Clinical Sports Medicine Collection.

This increases the ratio of carrier molecules relative to vapour molecules in the vapour chamber, because the number gaporizers vapour molecules is fixed, whereas at higher pressures there will be more carrier gas molecules.

Understanding Anesthesia Equipment; Vapourizers; pp. A shut off valve is positioned just downstream of the sump. So, even although evaporation proceeds at a rate governed by liquid temperature and is independent of altitude barometric pressureindividual vaporizer types vaporizerss or may not function the same at altitude. In this sense the numbers displayed anaesthessia ‘anaesthetic effect’ and require no mental ‘correction’ for altitude.

The desflurane vapouriser does not need to be heated up before use. When boiling, there will be excessive agent delivery; however, it will then cool due to a large loss of latent heat of vaporization, resulting in an exponential decrease in SVP and under-delivery of agent. Davey AJ, Diba A. For example, high resistance in the line after the vapouriser will compress all gas before it. A potential cause and cure of a major gas leak. Draw-over vaporizers are low resistance and inefficient compared with their plenum counterpart.

A more efficient design would produce too much anaesthetic vapour.

These vapourisers are the most commonly used and are described as variable bypass, flow over, temperature anaesthhesia, concentration calibrated and agent specific vapourisers. The only current vaporizer which can be filled while it is operating is the Tec 6 Desflurane but even that vaporizer is safer to fill in the “off” position.


Useful as a teaching tool; the Aladdin cassette system works basically on the same principle.

About MyAccess If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don’t have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library’s reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus. Safety features include an anti-spill and a select-a-tec mechanism and a specific vapouriser filling device.

Oxygen mask and Nasal cannula Oxygen concentrator Anaesthetic machine Relative analgesia machine. The part of the fresh gas which enters the vapourising chamber flows over the wicks and baffles to maximise the surface area of vapourisation.

anadsthesia The operator’s manual states that ajaesthesia may be filled during use but it is safer to turn it off when filling. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. In this situation, the vapor pressure is enough to distend the sides of the plastic can. Patient hyperventilation if light caused increased output.

Typically, 1 mL of liquid volatile agent yields about mL vapor. Return to Table of Contents. The vapour flow and fresh gas flow are separated until they meet at a point downstream from the restrictors.

Each pin also has a central self-sealing hole, and when the vapouriser control knob is turned, a pair of pins on the vapouriser pushes down, opening the seal below. Again, differences are not great and should have little effect in clinical practice. The Sevoflurane vapour pressure in the vapour chamber is 15kPa.

It should be possible to turn on only one vapouriser at a time.