Adobe Photoshop CS5 para fotógrafos / Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Publisher Grupo Anaya Comercial; Imprint Anaya Multimedia-Anaya. Book Description Anaya Multimedia-Anaya Interactiva, soft. Condition: New. La salida al mercado de Photoshop CS5 es una nueva celebración para los. As a special treat, we’re giving away three copies of Photoshop CS5 and one iPad to random By Jorge Anaya – PM on April 20,

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Then I kept anayya. I really wish you a happy anniversary. It allows me to turn an average photo into a good one; a good photo into a better one; and a great photo into an awesome work of art. I would love to win the CS5 because I currently have PS7 and it is missing some of the wonderful things that can be done like writing on curves.

[PDF] Camera Raw con Photoshop CS5 Popular Collection – video dailymotion

I also use other adobe programmes as premiere, indesign, audition, soundbooth, aftereffects, dreamweaver and flash. Photoshop means to me less time editing and more time photographing.

Photoshop is my world of creativity, only limited by my imagination. I know it anayz be big words to say, but I truly can not function without — you changed my life. It IS my digital darkroom, design studio, and overall life-line both professionally and creatively. Photoshop brings vision to marketing, illustration, design, photography, etc. It is fun and easy to use. Photoshop is the tool that allows me to put food on the table.

What is Photoshop to you?

I am new to Photoshop and still learning the basics but to me phltoshop is the ultimate creative outlet! Photoshop helps me open up a whole new world of creativity.


Photoshop is a piece of art, that We can acquire and mold to our likings. Not only did Photoshop get me through my Masters program, it has gotten improved my photography, allowed me to excel at my daily job and given me side jobs to earn extra income. I know it is threw him a curve and graphic design. Life as a photosyop without photoshop would be like life without vibrant colour or waking up and not having that first sip of coffee to welcome the new day.

It assures me that communication and information will constantly grow and bring a bright future to man. Photoshop is the most amazing software I have ever used. I am inspired to learn so much more about where my creativeness can go by using your program!

She continues her passion for creativity by working on the yearbook for her children’s school and taking lots of family pictures. Photoshop is as routine as drinking my morning Mt. Congratulations on the 2 million mark. I am so very grateful to Photoshop for allowing such a possibility. It is an amazing tool to have at your fingertips to create, add feeling, depth and beauty to your work.

For me, Photoshop means endless photosho. Maria Yap leads product management and customer engagement for some of Adobe’s flagship professional creative products. In this software we can show so much creativity. I use it to make my photographs look like what my eye saw rather than what the camera managed to capture — without it my world would look so much duller. It helps me release my creativity, have fun, and provide for my family!

PS is an easy way to fix pohtoshop imperfection in my digitial images and scans. I bring my imaginations from my mind into life and i love it.

It has allowed me photosohp generate income part-time and one day I hope to go full-time using this program. Photoshop is to me a reminder that little adjustments can make a HUGE difference. The program really speaks for itself. Photoshop is an integral part of my creations and dreams upcoming creationswhich in turn means my life. If you can imagine something then you can create it.


I entered photoshop contests on fark. Photoshop to me is seeing beyond what is seen with my eyes or the len of a camera…If I am not at work or sleeping, you will find me at my PC working on a project or watching tutorials on how I can approve and take each and every image to ;hotoshop level that takes your breathe away! Photoshop has become the software i need to make my designs come alive with out it i would be lost and not much of a graphic designer,or I would be some chick claiming to be a graphic designer, I have had this love for this software since my ps element days.

When words cannot express how I feel, when feelings are not enough, I trust Him. Photoshop is my livelihood. I love Photoshop and use it every day, along with Bridge.

What is Photoshop to you? | Photoshop Blog by Adobe

Linda, Ruth, Victor Cao iPad winner: I quickly learned the ins and out, the dos and donts including copyrighted image donts!

Photoshop means a lot of things to a lot of different people. I can say creativity would be still in stoneage without Adobe.