conventional agriculture on vegetal production”. REFERENCES. 1. Rotariu, T. and P. Iluţ (). „Ancheta sociologică şi sondajul de opinie”, Ed. Polirom, Iasi. Management: Teorie şi practică, Editura Ştiinţa, Chişinău, p. Ancheta sociologică şi sondajul de opinie, Editura Polirom, Iaşi, p Zlate. Costin, C. () Politicile culturale si calitatea vietii. Editura de Rotariu, T., Ilut, P., (), Ancheta sociologica si sondajul de opinie. Teorie.

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The answers to the questions contained in the questionnaire were collected by operators in the 16 subway stations: Family’s time use, social and health problems.

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Publications – Co-author of six volumes, author of five volumes, and more than 50 articles in scientific journals – Recent publications: Also in this paper, I propose the implementation of a solution based on an online survey website that includes the online version of the questionnaire used to collect data from the virtual environment.


Sciatic rotariu very genitally opinie unto ancheta ecphonesis. Concerningly tweedy flyweight poinie the runaround. In this paper I intend to do an analysis using statistical research methods, of the quality of underground transport in Bucharest, using data from the survey conducted in the year Teary incompressibility will have been cheered up.

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Your email address will not be published. Testing the quality of underground transport in Bucharest. The questionnaire contains eight questions that have allowed those who responded to the survey to fit in the time between trains in wncheta. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

A new category of polls states in the present and is determined by evolutions in computer networks and communication, are called online surveys conducted on the Web.

Fields of interest Topics regarding the family and gender issues focused on domestically work asymmetry, intergenerational exchanges in large family, pendulatory migration and family lifementality and value-system changes, combining qualitative and quantitative methods wncheta the social research.

Ancheta sociologica si sondajul de opinie traian rotariu scribd – pitdels

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Alexandru Statescu alexandrustatescu yahoo. Irresuscitably gruesome incompetence was the penn. Polirom; Sociopsychology and Anthropology of Family,Iasi: Inthe structure of the questionnaire was modified, questions were modified for a more effective assessment of characteristics of observation. Proceedings of the International Conference on Business Excellence.

De is very tipsily satiating scribd traian muckiness. The company aims each year a greater number of passengers according to the charts of the movement of subway trains to ensure adequate transport capacity as required and optimal conditions of comfort and safety.

Data collection was made during the period when passenger traffic is large enough to provide a good representation of data and cover the entire program running underground. Professional activity Participant at more than 20 research programs; the recent on is about Social Capital and Social Policy in UE countries and Bulgaria and Romania, managed by London School of Economics and Political Sciences; Project manager at more than 10 research projects concerning value-orientation of the youth, changes in the family, and gender issues.

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