By means of an in-depth exegesis of André Bazin’s () film critical work, this study explains the significance of his notion of “myth” in relation to history. According to Andre Bazin films are just the representation of the society. But he feels films are more than that, if films are given more attention. The Myth of Total Cinema Andre Bazin in his article, The Myth of Total Cinema, asserts that motivation behind cinema is realism. He explains his theory by.

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Bazin reiterates this point when he states: Bazin theories explained that even though new xinema will come up in the future, the height and volume of realism will be infinite. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Realism is the attempt or aim of objectivity — enabled by mechanical reproduction of reality.

Film Studies: Andre bazin’s myth of total cinema

They will not implode. If the sets were straightened out, the camera would record them as straight, not all wonky.

Bazin goes on to explain that our understanding of cinema should not derive from the technology but from the reality bain is perceived through the reproduction. Technology was an ad on to achieve realism. But the new sentence, I think, retains the same sense that Bazin is after.

Bazin is reaffirming why he asserts that realism is cinema. South Yorkshire England View all posts by A. What Bazin means is that the invention of technology was not to gain profit rather to replicate and reproduce our real world on screen. If cinema in its cradle lacked all the xndre of the cinema to come, it was with reluctance and because its fairy guardians were unable to provide them however much they would have bzain to.


In another words, the essential drive to reproduce the real led to the production of technology.

Reddit Twitter Email Print Facebook. It also means that the time is not restricted. The mutually exclusive definitions of cinema that Manovich and others will want to hold apart from each other, lest they come face to face with each other, and implode, can be brought together.

But the aesthetic value will still remain the same. University of California Press Ltd,pp. Or better, that the photographic image itself is reality. He argued that myh technology or monetary investment can make it look realistic. Painting will be freed from the work required to give it a sense of objectivity and photography will be freed from the work required to give it a sense of subjectivity. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment ttotal Like your senses, the recording equipment has some problems of mediation that nyth the exact reproduction of the stuff in front of the lens, but it makes a good stab at reproducing what it sees without interfering too much.

Now there is some ambiguity hotal since an image on a movie screen is also where the same image, on our retina, appears to be otherwise located, outside of ourselves, on the screen. Bazin goes on to explain that: To the surrealists Bazin turns for clarification on this: The real primitives of the cinema, mytu only in the imaginations of a few men of the nineteenth century, are in complete imitation of nature.

Influential Theorists: Andre Bazin – The Myth of Total Cinema

The result is cinema. Otherwise, the first hazy images of a person recorded on film would have sufficed. To put it another way, if in baroque painting work must be done to bring objectivity to it we can think of photography requiring work to be done to bring subjectivity to it. Yet the advancing technology has made it possible to create the impossible. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Now you can get on with the task of critiquing the notion of a continuous, unified external reality bazln of film as the perfect medium for conveying a sense of said reality.

A real image is defined as that image which would occupy a screen such as a movie screen. Bazin specifically for you.

This site uses cookies. He argued for the inventors of photography and cinema were not just enough with getting technology for sale. Without this understanding Bazin could very well appear to be promoting a cinema of the mirror, against which one could then argue the cinema can only be for better or worse deficient in this regard. Bazin attempts to add to this position by examining the history and emergence of the technology of cinema. In short, cinema has not yet been invented!

The virtual component of the retinal image and the real component of the movie screen image, coincide with each other, at the same location in space: You are commenting using your WordPress. Notify me of new posts via email. Do you think that Bazin is engaged with the real, or is he, as his critics maintain, just presuming it is there as an objective entity and modelling his understanding of cinema accordingly? It is that reality which certain painters otherwise represented in paint.

In these words we see that Bazin is not at all investing in any virtual reality model of the cinema.