Ankaferd BloodStopper (ABS) is a product claimed to have antihemorrhagic properties. It is used in hospitals and ambulances in Turkey to stop bleeding. In Goker et al, introduced Ankaferd Blood Stopper (ABS) as a new hemostatic drug. Recently, ABS has been shown to produce local. Elucidation of the Ankaferd Blood Stopper (ABS; Ankaferd Medical Products Inc, Istanbul, Turkey) as a topical hemostatic agent in the setting of epistaxis is.

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An actively bleeding Mallory-Weiss tear was seen on the Z line. Six different areas were counted on each animal, and stereological analyses of fibroblasts were conducted according to the studies described previously Prospective controlled studies are needed to help establish its efficacy and, bloood, offer a comparison with conventional hemostatic interventions.

A Endoscopic view of a 3 cm pedunculated polyp in the second portion of the duodenum.

Ankaferd blood stopper in episiotomy repair.

We did not observe postpolypectomy bleeding in our cohort of patients that znkaferd one with chronic liver disease and three who were undergoing antihemostatic drug therapy. The rats were then randomly allocated into three groups with six rats per group. Analysis of a recent case series 8 revealed that neoplastic GI bleeding could be successfully managed via topical application of ABS, whereas experience with benign conditions is limited 4 — 7.

Eighteen adult stop;er Sprague-Dawley rats were equally and randomly divided into three groups.

However, experience with the product for dental bleeding has proven to be quite safe, with no reports of embolic events to date. ABS-induced protein network formation with blood cells, particularly erythrocytes, covers the primary and secondary hemostatic system without disturbing individual coagulation factors 1.


Lumbar diskectomy for recurrent disk herniation. The effect of bevacizumab and 5-Fluorouracil combination on epidural fibrosis in a rat laminectomy model.

Seven- to year outcome of lumbar discectomy. Antimicrobial activity of plant extract Ankaferd Blood Stopper.

The destruction of epidural fat results that duramater is exposed to neighboring structures and create a cavity where blood refill as hematoma. The amount of ABS used is dependent on the extent of bleeding.

Clinical and endoscopic risk factors in the Mallory-Weiss syndrome. Each herb has effects on the endothelium, blood cells, angiogenesis, cell proliferation, and other physiologic mediators 26 – August 22, ; Revised: ABS is available in several forms — as a tampon, spray and ampules.

Grading of EF and arachnoidal involvement was performed according to the definition of He et al. Whether the distributions of continuous variables were normally or not was determined by using Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. ABS nlood applied at increasing doses until hemostasis is achieved, up to a maximum dose of 84 mL. Photomicrographs demonstrating fibrosis in the ABS group. Am J Emerg Med. Successful management of bleeding due to solitary bllod ulcer via topical application of Ankaferd Blood Stopper.

The specimen had been decalcified in a De Castro solution mixture: ABS was previously used in a patient with solitary rectal ulcer syndrome 6 ; it may have a role in coating ulcerated surfaces. Assessment vlood the efficacy of Ankaferd blood stopper on the prevention of postoperative pericardial adhesions. The count of fibroblast results were calculated as Although the arachnoideal involvement in ankaferd blood stopper group were significantly less than the control group, there snkaferd no statistical differences when comparing the grading of epidural fibrosis and the fibroblasts count between the treatment groups and the control group.


Direct contact between the underlying spinal cord SC stoppper the epidural fibrosis tissue F is evident. However, ABS may play a significant role in controlling oozing such as from angiodysplasia, tumoral and postpolypectomy bleeding, and radiation colitis. Bipolar coagulation and cotton are broadly using for hemostasis. Impaired axoplasmic transport and excretion of inflammatory mediators following the decreasing of arterial supply lead to intractable radicular pain 1357.

Ankaferd blood stopper in episiotomy repair.

Postpolypectomy lower GI bleeding: J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Nine milliliters of ABS ankafefd topically applied to the bleeding area. Please review our privacy policy. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. Spine Phila Pa Aug;17 8: Hemostasis had been achieved using cotton pad compression for several minutes.

Ankaferd BloodStopper – Wikipedia

Received Aug 26; Accepted Oct Role of peridural fibrosis in the failed back: In our study, to anjaferd the number of fibroblasts, we performed a stereological morphometric analysis of the fibroblast densities for three separate sections and six different areas were counted on each animal. We can conclude that MPH can be applied safely for hemostasis in the case of ooze bleeding into the laminectomy site with the risk of postoperative EF.

Furthermore, it is shown that MPH reduces the incidence of surgical site infection The operative time for episiotomy repair for the two groups ankferd also statistically insignificant.