Focus on Danto – Arthur Danto’s Andy Warhol. Leitmotiv – 0/ http://www. Warhol’s philosophical contribution actually manifests. In a work of great wisdom and insight, art critic and philosopher Arthur Danto delivers a compact, masterful tour of Andy Warhol’s personal. Arthur Danto’s recent book, Andy Warhol, leads the reader through the story of the iconic American’s artistic life highlighted by a philosophical.

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Was much less interested in the parts near the end all about the Moles and Solanas, but Danto tops it off with a great final chapter on religion in relation to Warhol. He did do some great things, but he darhol seems to be one of the first artists who did not just push the envelope for the sake of art, but tried to explode it for the sake of fame and fortune. Feb 15, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Is there reason for another one?

Andy Warhol by Arthur C. Danto

So, the book is not essential by any means, but a good introduction to Warhol and his world. Where packaged product and packaged celebrity was central to US culture of that time and most definitely ours. It did not totally convince me to abandon a kind of aarthur for Warhol despite liking some of his work, especially his very early work with everyday objects.


It does talk about several of the moments and defining phases of the artist’s life and work, and what led him to get there, but to concentrate purely on his work and the place of it in the world of art.

It was fun in the s it’s atthur so fun anymore.

warrhol It is his belief that Warhol’s art of the period fundamentally revolutionized our understanding of what we are willing to accept as art, thus necessitating a new answer to the millennia-old question, What is art? No keywords specified fix it. Return to Book Page. For instance, Danto draws too neat a line between Warhol’s pre- and post work although I give him credit for resisting the myth that the shift in Warhol’s artistic approach was caused entirely by his brush with death in establishing an “important” Andy Warhol and a merely “iconic” Andy Warhol.

The author suggests that anything can be art, but anyd if an artist intends it to be so. Study of Warhol’s art and its meaning.

Andy Warhol

Probably too many to count. Oct 26, Nat rated it really liked it Shelves: I heard words like philosophy and ideas come up a lot.

Preview — Andy Warhol by Arthur C. As an canto of the value of Warhol’s artistic innovation: So, the b Ah another book on Warhol. I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody.

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It feels more like a lengthy journal article, rather than a book it is very short and sparsely illustrated. You may wind up Googling most of the names in order to figure out what Danto’s trying to describe.

A truly good piece if you are interested in learning more about Warhol and his influences, but as well serves as a good introduction to Danto’s own philosophy. Dec 13, Andres Root rated it really liked it. Trivia About Andy Warhol. View all 3 comments. You still need to have a good knowledge of art history and modern art, though.

That is probably why it took me so long to finish it. Dec 21, Zhiyi Wsrhol rated it really liked it. Criticism, Philosophy and the Ends of Taste.

Andy Warhol Arthur C. Andy Warhol Icons of America Series.

Warhol’s fifteen minutes are not up.