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Their models were found both in nature and in art. Though Dario’s cosmic vision and his poetics are merely two sides of the same coin, the conceptual framework requires detailed explanation first. Since the centaurs are said to have been the offspring of Ixion and a cloud, the more spiritual aspects of their character are supposedly inherited from their mother.

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As previously indicated, Dario learned from esoteric Pythagorean- ism that because the entire universe is the visible unfolding of God in space and time, there is life everywhere, even in what is generally regarded as dead and inert matter. The dominant Catholic culture of Latin America left Dario with another heritage, that of guilt, which he also attempts to resolve with the help of esoteric doctrine.

In this conception of the cosmos, w o m a n sepinas an integral role, and the attraction between m a n and w o m espinsa n is placed within the context of universal harmony, becoming a path to perfection.

Poetry was not the escapist’s path but rather the discoverer’s tool. H e therefore vacillates between the two conceptions of immortality. Y no hallo sino la palabra que huye, la roosas melodica que de la flauta fluye y la barca del sueno que en el espacio boga,- y bajo la ventana de mi Bella-Durmiente, el sollozo continuo del chorro de la fuente y el cuello del gran cisne bianco que m e interroga.

As Arturo Marasso notes, with the writing of this complex poem inDario manifests a change that was taking place dur- ing his years in Buenos Aires. Nadie su casto cuerpo tendra en la alcoba obscura, ni bebera en sus labios el grito de victoria, ni arrancara a su frente las rosas de su gloria. As Paz ewpinas, “Poetry is one of the man- ifestations of analogy: Dario learned that Pythagoreans hold that the entire universe is one har- monious extension of God, whose soul permeates all and is identical with the great soul of the world.

In its Western form this myth has its roots in Plato’s Sym- posium, in Gnosticism, and espinss the Orphic and other mysteries. The goddess directed them to cover their heads and throw the bones of their mother behind them.


Sus truenos prolongados repite el Oceano.

M i verso ha nacido siempre con su cuerpo y su alma, y no le he aplicado ninguna clase de ortopedia. In some later poems, Dario’s view of his o w n fate is less confident. H e was impatient with established religion and violently opposed to the Jesuits. Dario, therefore, like the Symbolists be- fore him, established music as the ideal of poetic creation.

Los que la usan mal, seran los culpables, si no saben manejar esos peligrosos y delicados medios. Perhaps thefirstto recognize the importance of this connection was Paz, w h o saw that the search for a modern and cosmopolitan tongue led the Spanish American poet to rediscover the Hispanic tradition of rhythmic versification. The “sagrada selva” is a forest in which the wild movements of life have been disciplined and made to beat in rhythm with the divine heart which also appears in thefirstline of Caumantes’s speech.

Most of the “signs” of the oneness of life examined so far come from the land.

Write a customer review. Dario often perceived in the poetic language of others—espe- cially the French—in their rhythms and rhymes, in their vocabulary and images, means of coming into contact with the hidden truths of the universe. De los vivos llega el respirar del viento, momento inevitable, memorizando la luz que despierta la vida, iluminando.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Dario’s Vision of the Universe 39 According to Quiron’s statement, the marriage that the visionary awaits and that is ordained by the highest law of the universe will place sexual love within the context aahares universal accord. Before Nessus died, he rsas Deianira to take some of his blood and use it as a charm espjnas Hercules ever loved another w o m a n more than her.

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The fundamental thrust of nineteenth-century poetry is an un- quenched hope for innocence, a key principle of which is the rec- onciliation or synthesis of whatever is divided, opposed, and con- flicting. His sensitivity to the lush tropical environment that surrounded him from his birth and his religious and even superstitious character combined to produce a propensity to see God in nature. It is held that the final goal has been achieved w h e n the soul has decisively conquered matter, reached the threshold of divinity, and escaped the cycle of incarnation.

He, si, cantado aires antiguos; y he querido ir hacia el porvenir, siempre bajo el di- vino imperio de la musica—musica de ideas, musica del verbo” p. Schure m a y have influenced Dario’s thinking on this subject, for a passage from The Great Initiates elucidates the entire concluding section of “Coloquio.


H e openly assigned to the poet the task of “making himself a seer. These paired comparisons also underscore again the underlying tension that is central to Dario’s work and to “Coloquio.

It is very azahraes that this Catholic perspective has persisted longer in Hispanic letters than in any other Western literature. Deucalion built a ship in which he and his wifefloatedin safety during thefloodof nine days that killed all other inhabitants.

La Emanación Astral

Nature is the supreme work of art, in which the di- vinely gifted and inspired poet recognizes the perfect proportions of universal harmony.

As a result, Hipea describes female breasts as lilies from the river Acheron, the river of woe thatflowstoward the outer limits of the underworld. The seed de- velops until it is liberated from matter and returns to the godhead. This silence damages our comprehension of his poetry.

At the same time, the thundering sounds that are produced by his passage through the heav- ens an adaptation of the image of the universal monochord are ech- oed by the ocean. Approximately seven years later, in April,Dario wrote another sonnet, “En las constelaciones” p. Love is a means to knowledge, and in this sense Dario’s erotic images are metaphors for mystical cognition. Her- cules, too, was his friend; but whilefightingwith the other centaurs he inadvertently injured Chiron, who, although immortal, chose to die.

Their rejection of established answers in- cluded literary commonplaces; they turned away from linguistic cliches and stylish trends and carried out a “renewal of form and techniques.

To dictate the form that poetry must take would be to inhibit what the poet most hopes to achieve, namely, the direct contact be- tween language and universe. Like the Romantics and Symbolists before him, the youthful Dario rejects the dominant ideologies of the day, for they offered few solutions to his sense of alienation and fragmentation.

The consequent irrational behavior manifests a complete disregard for life.

W h e n Pirithous married Hippodamia and invited the centaurs to the marriage feast, the latter attempted to carry off the bride and other w o m e n.

Therefore, in Hi- pea’s judgment, she is worse than the female of any other species p.