Cradle of the Moon is set after the Alicization arc ends! In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it! Especially with the story. Actually, Sword Art Online was licensed for English language by Yen Press. So, to prevent legal disputes, Baka Tsuki took it down from there sites. If you search. The Baka-Tsuki translation aggregate has declared the Sword Art Online project to be “Abandoned”. All SAO-related material, save the page.

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Material Edition 1 and 3 have no links because they are not text, they are in manga format. I voiced my concerns and what’s done is done. Plus it helps to read the novel. This is the first book in the light novel series sword art online. Well, for the most part. It’s not “wrong” imo, it just seems a bit KR is still translating it. Also apologies for messed up editing causing this post to appear twice.

I’m aware the normal is Itoko. Please bear that in mind. I’ll wait an hour before spoiling. Shortly after it’s implementation Infinite Stratos picked up it’s pace of translation as did Itsuka Tenma and Baka Test, I will concede that for some reason it didn’t work on Hidan no Aria, but it still has a high success rate.

Really waiting for Ep3! Just come back to read the details when it is done and posted up. May I ask why?

Sword Art Online:Cradle of the Moon Chapter 1

It’s like draining the juice out of an orange and forcing others to eat just the soft inner-skin. Do you plan to print all available volumes translated by Baka-Tsuki? But I don’t like the fact that they removed so much.

That’s why I put onlinne cousin in brackets in the first place. If someone could help me out, I would appreciate it. But with things like invisibility cloaks being developed, you really can’t say that what I’m saying is wrong.


I can understand why Ping wanted to hurry up and get over this because he has better things to do than ar respond to someone like you who’s digging up the past for your own sake.

What in the world were you doing last night? I’ll wait for it to be released, because it feels weird to skip over it and onlien the volume 6. Alicization, but is designed to be read as an independent fantasy novel with names that happen to match. I’ll examine it thoroughly.

Sword art online progressive is everything the first 2 light novels for aincrad werent. I’m against it and I already implemented a nav bar with most of the advantages you mentioned. I will address them as best as I can. I know it says on the main page to contact a supervisor if you want to join the project, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that.

Wouldn’t it be better to, at least, put a link in the full text to let those who want to read it in the good context be able to read it? As a specialized gear, it wouldn’t need scanning functionality for normal game play. If you want to help, try recruiting some more translators to help Teh Ping.

Eventually Volume 1 will be finished, and we will do what we always do with a finished volume: I need to know so that I can properly sort the info on the wikipedia page.

Once again, thanks all. Sowrd the mess can be read from here until the next 5 pages or so If you had seen my actions during the Volume 9 incident, you would have realized that if I wanted a page to be deleted, I would have just gone ahead to delete all the stuff way back when I joined this project as a Supervisorand how I nearly nuked the entire Accel World project here.

Sword Art Online

All one would need to make sure is that the tsukl is given which could be used as a scale for the 3d photo. Below are the list of Material Edition volumes:.


Because someone will need to go around changing it in all of the novels, or a group of bbaka. I put it in volume 1 and will do the other volume soon. NERvGear can emit microwave strong enough to melt your brain so it is not entirely impossible.

So that isn’t an issue here. His main weapon is a one-handed sword. Starting from your last post. Can someone confirm that volume 12 came out?

But really thanks a lot for all of your work! Better than having the story butchered or cut short in the aft. Wow, that was something else, yes, content was thrown out, Diabel was not as bad as he was in the novel, and Kirito was awesome, but mainly when he was berating the other beta testers, that laugh, wonderful, that was awesome, Egil is cool, I could very easily see the foundation that they put for the future, and finally, holy crap, they are jumping straight to Red-Nosed Reindeer?

I couldn’t, if they did ALL of Aria granted they took some stuff out in one episode then doing the Red-Nosed Reindeer is more than doable in one episode. I’m talking about that thin white skin you bak after you peel off the thick outer orange colored skin. Then if someone can translate it I can photoshop it into the pics.

manga_Sword_Art_Online directory listing

I was against it’s removal too, precisely because I didn’t want to risk any more removals. Nowadays there are graphic plugins for GIMP and Photoshop that allow resizing blowing up of pictures, or more simply, making them bigger without loss of quality. Zero – — Talk –