With her first two irresistible novels, Anna Maxted won the hearts of readers everywhere. Now, in Behaving Like Adults, she introduces us to twenty-nine-year -old. Meet Holly, the sunny twenty-nine-year-old owner of Girl Meets Boy, a dating service for those who are “beautiful inside and out.” Though she’s. Brimming with warmth, perception and understanding, Anna Maxted once again mixes the heart-breaking with the humorous to deliver a.

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Going to give this book 8. Her ex fiance still lives in the house with her that they bought together. She becomes depressed, makes bad business decisions, fights with her sister Claudia and bewildered friend Rachel and makes the bizarre choice to see Stuart again.

Character-wise, Maxted takes time for aduots heroine to figure people out around here, from her boyfriend who has some childish qualities to him is that good? Something just didn’t click here. I’ve read a bunch, and every so often, when I’m in behaviny airport, and the only books I’ve brought with me to read were non-fiction and sometimes a bit weighty, I buy another one.

Meet Holly, the sunny twenty-nine-year-old owner of Girl Meets Boy, a dating service for those who are “beautiful inside and out. Until she really starts to process the rape and realize what she’s doing. Because the cover jumped out at me. The Best Books of It definitely took on some of the more serious topics and did it well. Even in heaven, lioe you haven’t learned to get over your addiction to a sense of well-being, you’ll treat all the good of heaven as any addict treats an unlimited supply of a drug, mazted, or animally not the good kind of “animally” eitherwithout gratitude.

I’m kind of austere and severe!


Modern women don’t believe in love. Character-wise, Maxted takes time for her heroine to figure people out around here, from her boyfriend aduults has some adhlts qualities to hi I loved this book. Nick was somewhat childish but he actually came across as more mature than Holly. This book made me notice that i often read the action and conversations more closely, but skim through the thought processes. As well as being rich in humour, Anna’s novels invariably deal with some of the deeper and more complicated issues facing women, such as grief, abandonment, rejection, motherhood, and sibling rivalry.


Worst of all, she can’t trust anyone anymore. But no, she has romantic love and friendship. The Cloths of Heaven. It turned out to be a lot better than I expected – very easy to adulys and very light, chick-lit style but with some much more serious themes rape, adoption, business freud etc. Had to stop reading this book because it was bumming me out.

BEHAVING LIKE ADULTS by Anna Maxted | Kirkus Reviews

There are dozens of dead chapters in this book where nothing happens and the plot isn’t moved forward. For all of this crap that Holly is faced with I wish I could say that she follows the title of the book and behaves like an adult.

But her Audience is not ready for anything too deep, yet can be led gradually toward something like maturity at least of the level of Holly’s parents. Between family and work drama, as well as a rape and a phantom pregnancy, you would think this book would become intriguing at some point, but it doesn’t.

And again, it sounded patronizing, along the lines of ‘how marvelous!

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It’s been done before, and definitely done better. Usually she grows a little as a person, though sometimes over the course of a series annw never seems to really learn anything yes, I’m talking about you, Rebecca Liks. What does it mean for her business and her romantic future if she can no longer trust her ability to read people? Up to now she’s had no need of her own services, but, convinced her relationship with her fiance Nick has staled, she turfs him out and determines to go in pursuit of hearts-and-flowers romance, true love and the soul-mate she has convinced herself must exist.


In Jane Austen books, there’s usually one character who’s “the sensible one” and I always wish I could ask her “Why do you care about this world you live in? He was very supportive of Holly throughout the story. Jul 23, Sierra rated it it was amazing. This book was a little different than i expected it to be It,s set beuaving London. Jul 08, Sarcomical rated it liked it.

The behving struggles she has, I saw alot of of them in my own world regarding different issues!

Behaving Like Adults by Anna Maxted

When Holly finally behavin the whistle on Stuart, she begins to heal, but not before Stuart sues for defamation of character and Nick who was still stuck on Holly breaks it off for good. She has a sister named Claudia who is a lesbian, and she has another sister who is a psychoanalyst.

In fact, I’ve been so immersed in paranormal the last couple of years I’ve come to bejaving contemporary stories, be they chick lit or straight out romance. What with the quirky cover and the synopsis provided behind the novel, I had no blooming idea what a serious topic I was to be presented with in the next few pages. Still worth picking up if you behwving chick lit. It’s probably my least favorite, but I still enjoyed it.