Bloodlands has ratings and reviews. Mieczyslaw said: I was raised amongst survivors of the great horror that was the War in Eastern Europe. My. Tim Snyder’s ambitious Bloodlands set out to place the murderous regimes of the Third Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union in their overlapping European contexts. Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. By Timothy Snyder. (New York, NY: Basic Books, Pp. $) The author of this.

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The Bloodlands is a book that I euro;e noticed in a review on Slate. I don’t know if this sort of insomnia might be a way of honoring the dead. The Nazi and Soviet regimes were sometimes allies, as in the joint occupation of Poland [from —].

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder – review

An important if disturbing book. Both tyrants were committed to ethnic and cultural homogeneity in staln lands they ruled, but as Snyder so aptly pointed out, it was Stalin who won Hitler’s war, so his vision triumphed. So much of today’s news on the region has been shaped by the events described and explained in Bloodlands: View all 8 comments. Yet without food there was little that even the kindest of strangers could do for such children.

If these men were not mad, how could they not have become so, and their families, their acquaintances, their country with them? There are more books on my shelf emblazoned with swastikas than I care to admit. Snyder tries to work on two levels simultaneously, by also attempting an explanation at what it means today.

He never forgets that history is not a relic to be studied; it is the story of human beings. This book contains lots of numbers, big numbers that are eyrope to fathom. Snyder filled his history with facts and figures throughout. I still care wnd the little diary my mother kept, collecting all kind of hhitler newspapers and forbidden cartoons. I don’t mean to ask what motivated or permitted people to kill their friends, neighbors, and countrymen; that part is all too understandable.

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I was less familiar with the Soviet side of repression than the Nazi rule. Europe Between Hitler and Stalin is not a revelation. Wtalin this light both subsidies made sense. But 10 million others who never entered those camps were shot mostly Jewsdeliberately starved to death mostly Soviet prisoners of war or gassed in special “killing centres” which were not holding camps at all. Stalin regarded all Soviet prisoners-of-war as traitors. Am I alone in suspecting that men like Trump and Putin are capable of the most horrific crimes regardless of the institutional constraints imposed on them?

Undoubtedly, the subject matter of Bloodlands is grim.

Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin

The result leaves one feeling hopeless, which is not to say that you should not read this work, just be prepared. By the end ofthey had shot a million Anv Jews.

Everyone on this beautiful sphere we call Earth and that we call our home should know the truth Timothy Snyder is revealing to prevent that this would ever happen again. Anybody on Stalin’s staff who couldn’t understand this logic was eliminated i.

During the invasion of Russia and betseen years after that, the Germans killed 4 million Russians, and killed and gassed more than 5,4 million Jews. The Seattle Times looks back at a year of great reading”.

It consists generally of the areas within the following counties: Snyder chronicles the brutality on both a historical a Although very well written, I found this book very difficult to read. Reducing mass killing to its statistics and its sums, Snyder argues, serves us and our base motives, not the dead. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The Nazis and Soviets killed as great stapin proportion of the population as did the black death, but while the black death was indiscriminate this was targeted: Timothy Snyder put the total death toll in the “Bloodlands” at 14 million victims of both Stalin and Hitler, including Jewish civilians transported to German death blooflands in PolandPolish intelligentsia killed in war crimes see Katyn massacredisarmed military personnel in occupied countries, and prisoners of war.


Snyder makes the point to avoid round numbers, which accentuates that we are talking about individuals and makes the tragedy all the more real. He even includes details such as throwing babies into the air and shooting them before they ane into the pit or water.

Marc Eric Wagner wrote: To put this in perspective, I did some rough and horrifying math.

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin | Reviews in History

It is for us as humanists to turn the numbers back into people. The example of U. Poles focus on the Warsaw uprising; Jews on Auschwitz; Russians on the siege of Leningrad; Ukrainians on the great famine. The barbarity exhibited by …more I’d say it has a lot less to do with socialism, and a lot more to do with two dictators obsession with race and nationality.

It continued with the Great Terror in andwhere approximatedly In some senses, as Snyder acknowledges, Bloodlands was a history for its own time.

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder – review | Books | The Guardian

This is why you read the epilogue in any history text: The attempt to set the Holocaust in a history of violence has for example been a consistent part of scholarship since even before the Second World War ended.

The numbers are mind-boggling. Stakin of the strengths of this betewen is the human examples the author provides — of the victims and how the perpetrators did their deeds. His topic was the history of agricultural policy in the United States.