(To access the bookmark download the PDF version.) Proud people focus on the failures of others. Broken people are overwhelmed with a sense of their own. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Brokenness: The Heart God Revives | Every great movement of God is preceded by a season of humility and repentance. Do you wonder why God seems so far away? It may be that your heart needs to be broken.

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Broken people are truly repentant over their sin, and the evidence of their repentance is that they forsake the sin. Further elaboration from book Goodreads beart you keep track of books you want to read.

Mar 09, Jon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Proud people are elated by praise and deflated by criticism Broken people know that gd praise of their accomplishments belongs to the Lord and that criticism can help them grow into spiritual maturity Attitudes About Themselves When we have freedom that has been birthed out of brokenness, repentance, and forgiveness, we will have a greater capacity for love — supernatural ability to love God and to love those that are unlovable- and for worship.

Books by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives

That might sound odd, but this book explains the process by which I arrived where God has me today. And this is how we can lead that Empowered Spirit Filled life daily in the note I wrote last week. Proud people desire to be served- they brokenneas life to revolve around them and their own needs.


We must be willing to die to our own self-interest, die to our own reputation, die to our own rights, die reevives our own ways of doing things, die to our own comforts, convenience, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Broken people are willing to take the risks of getting close to others and loving intimatel y. Attitudes Toward Others 1. Broken people are not preoccupied with what others think of them. Proud people are concerned brookenness the consequences of their sin. Then after it has died, the first shoots of new life will spring forth But in the end, God will use your brokenness to restore your ‘first love’ for Jesus, rekindle your spiritual fire, reconcile your relationships, and hheart your life.

I can honestly say I never want to be that man again.

Rather it requires a choice, an act of will I think the call to brokenness through obedience is a much harder path than through trauma because I likely would have given intellectual consent while my pride and arrogance stayed in tact. They look at everyone else’s faults with a microscope but view their own with a telescope. In essence, this is a book about confronting pride in its many forms, and breaking self of its fleshly tendencies.

And, you know – Bert recommended this book, in fact! The book also provides a check list to gauge your heart and attitude to see if you are prideful or broken towards people, sin, relationships, self and God. A wave of revival in the form of confession and repentance swept through the group for a number of days and lives were changed. Very practical read, includes a side-by-side comparison of a proud heart and a humble heart. This book has broadened my view of brokenness and helped me to see that I can choose a posture of brokenness in my daily life and receive the blessings and closeness that come from that choice; I don’t need to wait for painful circumstances.


Proud people compare themselves with others and feel worthy of respect. It is pretty revealing.

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Proud people are self-righteous; they think highly of themselves and look down on others. A richer, deeper, more God-filled life is waiting for you. Proud people hearg to prove that they are right- they have to get the last word.

Many of us has the misconception of brokenness as being sad,gloomy and like the world is falling on you and other times where we have this sense of false humility, where we just put ourselves down, than there are others who view it has shedding of tears, having a deeply emotional experience, and many who equate it with being deeply hurt by tragic circumstances.

This book gives many examples of biblical figures who made mistakes doing things revievs way before sub I really loved this book and I think it is much needed in the church.

Broken people are grieved over the cause, the root of their sin. Now one of my top 5 books I have read this year, I plan on reading this at least once a year.

Broken people receive correction with a humble, open spirit. Also includes a brokennews helpful chart comparing brokenness and pride You won’t regret it!