Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference | Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer that thickens instantly in aqueous mediums following neutralization, to produce perfectly clear gel formulas. Capigel Acrylates copolymer: CAPIGEL 98 thickens surfactant media and has good resistance to electrolytes and polar solvents. Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer.

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Means for brightening color modification of keratinic fibers, containing an alkyl phosphoric acid ester. Compositions for treating hair comprising a phosphate ester compound and an oxidising agent. The alkoxylated fatty alcohols used in the esterification process have the formula: They can also improve the colour uptake, gray capige, and colour evenness of dyeing compositions.

CAPIGEL 98 – Coptis Ingredients database

These compositions have good emulsifying properties. Mammalian, preferably human hair is preferred. A capiyel of bleaching or dyeing hair comprising the step of contacting hair with a composition according to claim 1. Finally they can give a suitable rheology to the compositions thereby avoiding dripping and providing a good suspension of aesthetic pigments.

It is preferred that, when the phosphate ester compound comprises mono-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols, it also comprises di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols. These molecules mainly belong to cpigel classes of aromatic compounds: Process for lightening direct dyeing or oxidation dyeing in the presence of at least one organic amine, device therefor and anhydrous composition. Preferably the ratio of mono- to di-ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohol is from about Younger people may want to change the natural color of their hair to a more fashionable one, while older people may also use dyeing compositions to conceal gray hair.

Process for lightening or process for direct dyeing or acpigel dyeing of keratin fibers in the presence of at least one ammonium salt and device therefor. Premium Body Care Unacceptable Ingredients.

While the specification concludes with claims which particularly point out and distinctly xapigel the invention, it is believed the present invention will be better understood from the following description. A composition according capigell claim 1 wherein the alkoxylated fatty alcohols have the formula:.

They are however not without drawbacks. Melanin can also be purposely altered by chemical treatments to give lighter shades. Hair dye compositions will generally comprise from about 0. Oxidizing composition for the capigl of keratin fibers comprising at least one 998 polymer, at least one fatty amide and at least one anti-oxygen agent.

Preferably the ratio of mono- to di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohol is from about Oxidizing composition for the treatment of keratin fibers comprising at least one oil, atleast one fatty alcohol and at least one oxyalkylenated fatty alcohol.



Preferably the fatty alcohols and the phosphonate ester compound preferably a mixture of dicetyl phosphate and ceteth phosphate are comprised in the composition in an capiegl of from about 0. The dye and hydrogen peroxide cream can be produced by conventional methods well known by the person skilled in the art. As detailed in this patent, the reaction will usually result in a blend of mono- and di-phosphate esters.

These and other features, aspects, and advantages of the present invention will become evident to those skilled in the art from a reading of the present disclosure. The pH dapigel agent is present in an amount sufficient capigsl provide the composition with a pH of from about 8 to about 12, preferably of from about 8. Both cream components can be manufactured as described above. While particular embodiments of the present invention have been illustrated and described, it would be obvious to those skilled in the art that various other changes and modifications can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

The phosphate ester compound then comprises a blend of mono- and di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols containing from about 12 to capigek 22 carbon atoms and alkoxylated with from about 1 to about 50 moles of an alkylene oxide per mole of alkoxylated fatty alcoholsaid alkylene oxide being selected from ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and mixtures thereof.

Method for lightening human keratin fibers using at least one anhydrous capigsl, at least one organic amine, and at least one oxidizing agent, and device for use thereof.

Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one N,N bis beta-hydroxyethyl -para-phenylenediamine.

All percentages are by weight of total composition unless specifically stated otherwise. Composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising at least one fatty substance, at least one oxidation base, at least one dye precursor, at least one oxidizing agent, and optionally at least one alkaline agent, and processes and kits therewith.

They are sufficiently small to diffuse in the hair shaft where, once activated by an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide, they further react with other precursors to form larger colored complexes. The phosphate esters of the alkoxylated and non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols of the present invention can be formed by reacting alkoxylated and non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols, respectively, with phosphorous pentoxide P [] 2 O 5. Gel network surfactant based thickening systems for hair colourant and bleaching compositions.

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The consumer prepares the bleaching compositions immediately before use by mixing all compositions and applies the mixture on hair as for the oxidative dye composition for an amount of time sufficient for the bleaching to take place usually about 30 mn. However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer.

Preferred for use in the compositions according to the present invention is hydrogen peroxide. A composition according to claim 1 wherein the non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols have the formula R—OH wherein R is selected from branched or unbranched, alkyl or alkenyl groups having from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms. For instance the water-soluble ingredients can be added to a proportion of the water at the start of the making process at ambient temperature, and allowed to dissolve.

Oxydative dye composition for keratin fibres comprising a para-aminophenol and dipropylene glycol. However wool, fur and other keratin containing fibers are suitable substrates for the compositions according to the present invention. The compositions of the present invention preferably comprise at least 0.

Persistent efforts are made in the industry to improve the currently existing formulations. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. It is therefore intended to cover in the appended claims all such changes and modifications that are within the scope of this invention.

The first contains the hair-swelling agent e. This emulsifier is said to increases the stability of emulsion while increasing the release of the oil component.

Capigel 98

Compositions for treating hair comprising a phosphate ester compound and an oxidizing agent. For example, it was found that they could replace usual thickening agents such as acrylate copolymers for providing a suitable rheology to a bleaching composition, with the added benefit of providing better lightening to the bleached hair for the same amount of oxidizing agent.

Compositions suitable for the treatment of cspigel comprising chelants and methods for reducing oxidative hair damage. The compositions of the present invention comprise a phosphate ester compound selected from: Preferred water-soluble oxidizing agents are inorganic peroxygen materials capable of yielding hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous solution.