A crappy Chinese capacitor company “CapXon” handing out a bunch of mid- range low temperature caps inside of a confined space where there can be up to 4. CapXon LZ datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Buy uF 16V LZ 8x20mm C (Capxon) CapXon, Capacitors – Aluminium Capacitors (Through Hole), Ёмкость: µF, Номин. напряж.: 16 V, Серия: LZ, .

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And the companies know about this. Don’t know if its interesting but I took apart one of the culprits and pictures are provided. If I were you I’d replace the other 5 fatter caps while you’re at it. I wouldn’t buy a replacement through eBay – for electronic parts, at least, “eBay is like a box of chocolates”, to misquote Forrest Gump. I have a Magnovox TV, and its been broke for a while now. This weekend I serviced one more Samsung BW monitor dealing with a very infamous capacitor issue.

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? It’s next to impossible to recommend suppliers when we don’t know your location.

Are they also known crap? Thermal design rules tell you that the caps should be located as far away from the heatsink as possible. There is a bunch of the ViewSonics at my workplace that have or will likely be trashed because of this issue. North England My Country: Keep reading, Have fun! This article was helpful. Another important question in which circuit are the caps bulged the switching PSU, vertical deflection, etc?


Originally Posted by PeteS in CA Remember that by the time consequences of a short-sighted decision are experienced, the idiot who made the bad decision may have already been promoted or moved on to a better job at another company. After replacing them, the monitor came to life again!

Other well-regarded brands are: Capacitor Reply to Thread.

Capacitor | Electronics Forums

Picture above is the approximate representation of that power board. Originally Posted by Rulycat. That’s true of most higher grade Jap caps. If you need to ask me anything else about it before you can answer, please email me and let me know.

Don’t know if there is a “good series” in Capxon caps but as far as it goes for me, i will never buy them The middle capacitor had much more yellow junk on it but I brushed it cpaxon by accident.

Bad Capacitor – Thanks CapXon Caps and Samsung

The electrolytic fluid dries up after years. Being right next to a hot heatsink does them no favours either, on some monitors the heatsink reaches over the caps to make sure they’re extra toasty Wikipedia details an epidemic of Taiwanese capacitor failures due to the wrong electrolyte formula.

Apparently CapXon capacitors has been an issue capcon other monitors as well. You are so right. Never be afraid to try something new. Even the calxon ones rated v uF look smoked but this TV actually did put out enough smoke the owner thought it was going to burn her house down.

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Anyhow, Thanks for checking out my blog! You can buy suitable capacitors right here at BadCaps. And I will say that in a default capacitor variety pack an uf capacitor is not all that common, especially at 25v So what does any good tech do? I’m mostly a Novice with Capacitors.

Tom I use a Hakko de-soldering gun. We have Angela Merkel, no hope, no wonder, no cash. And this is just my humble opinion. All times are GMT Getting capacitors is easy, you can go through mouseror digikeyor even Ebay so long as you watch what you are buying try not to get caps from china that do not have a brand-name behind them as they -could- be the crap tin-and-paper caps.

Additionally There is this Capacitor by Panasonic http: Find More Posts by etnietering. Wow, glad it helped you out!

If the little ones went, they won’t be far off Once you find the series, go to CapXon’s website and look up the specific capacitor that you need. Find More Posts by Rulycat.

Remember that by the time consequences of a short-sighted decision are experienced, the idiot who made the bad decision may have already been promoted or moved on to a better job at another company.