Review: Castle Falkenstein: High Adventure in the Age of Steam send a copy of the RPG back to our world where his friend, Mike Pondsmith. Castle Falkenstein came out in time when many games were focusing on as opposed to England were the vast majority of Victorian-based RPGs are set. From the back of the book: It’s a novel. It’s a game. It’s both. It’s Castle Falkenstein , an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own.

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It also led to a near pathological desire in all players to look for any reason to jettison any Spades they held as they were nearly always useless. Retrieved from ” https: This great little approach could easily be lifted out into other games.

He meets the important people, examines differences, gets involved in the big plots and revels in the wonder of the place. Olam describes this as a world as “it should have been.

Castle Falkenstein

Tom Olam has finally returned to the land of his birth, and finds it very The following Secrets are contained within: Castle Falkenstein was notable for being set in the Victorian era and on the European Continent; as opposed to England where the vast majority of Victorian-based RPGs are set.

In between those we get asides presenting details of daily life the nations, the concepts of magic, bearing and grace, etc. Castle Falkenstein Average Rating: Archived from the original on The UK magazine’s editor Paul Pettengale commented: Again, the mechanics here could easily be ported over to another game. Posted by Lowell Francis at 5: The Book of Sigils Castle Falkenstein.


Players play the roles of gallant adventurers, facing the intrigue and derring-do of Victorian adventures such as The Prisoner of Zenda. Each action has an affiliated suit Comeliness- Hearts; Fisticuffs- Clubs. No Web Links Found. This Useful Tome contains invaluable information such as: Wizards will sell their souls for them.

Throw away your dice and grab your deck o’ cards as if you were dumb enough to play poker. The system is geared towards live action role-playingand players are required to keep an in-character diary instead of using a character sheet.

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Skill Based buy or gain skills. Readers with more liberal approaches may be a little put off by the white-washing of issues of the period. More often than not it feels self-indulgent or overdone.

Castle Falkenstein | RPG | RPGGeek

Curious Creatures Castle Falkenstein. This moves into an examination of falkensttein makes up a “dramatic character,” a more evocative way of saying Player Character. Wars could be fought for them. Duels feel different and focused in this system- beyond the “I go, you go” approach of some systems.

The book presents those ideas as first person vignettes which tie together into a larger story. It is worth noting that the game gets some significant and interesting optional rules in Comme Il Faut and The Book of Sigils which makes those worth picking up if one is thinking about lifting parts of the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Originally published init remains an incredibly well produced and designed game book.

Or does this spell the end of Castle Falkenstein? Please select a support frequency.

Many fixtures of period falkensteein, high fantasy, and real history are all present, including high society intrigue, wars between European powers, and the shadowy presence of magicians and faeries. The Ability Variations Castle Falkenstein. Players can write their own stories of what happens between sessions the bluebooking of Strike Force worked into the system.


This is the comprehensive sourcebook for North America in the world of Castle Falkenstein Complete histories and social details are provided for the nations of America, along with new Dramatic Personas, new Abilities, new magick, new steamtech, and a Gunslinging Dueling system. Castle Falkenstein came out in time when many games were focusing on storytelling rules, fewer mechanics and more focus on an interactive story, but also when most of these games were dark dystopian futures e.

Castle Falkenstein | RPG Item | RPGGeek

That literary conceit plays out in the rules themselves. Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Before you know it CF provides templates and archetypes for various professions players can choose from. Therefore, action resolution is through playing cards which are a wholesome pastimenot dice which are for uncouth knaveswhile characters are detailed using diaries, because Xerox machines for character sheets weren’t available in the ‘s Charles Babbage, however, invented data forms in the s Still the world itself is vibrant and interesting enough to be worth bringing over to a system your group likes.

The story is an alternate universe set during the Victorian era, mostly in Europe — or as it’s called in this universe, New Europa. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it. Framing the Game The first part, pages, establishes the premise and sets up the background.