Consult iGuzzini’s entire NEW – catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Catalogues. Our main catalogue, The Product Book, and the second part of the year update, Topics&Tools. Catalogues. Product brochures. Documentation for. External iGuzzini. This catalogue presents the range of external products For further information on all the other iGuzzini fittings go to.

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If we consider light distribution in a room, LED lamps can also be mounted in wall-washer luminaires for uniform lighting of the walls, a handy device for being able to freely position works of art on the vertical surfaces, deciding whether or not to leave the higher sections of the walls in the shadow.

The on-line catalogue, which is constantly updated in every section new products, photometric Open the catalog to page 6. The luminaires in the iGuzzini collection are designed in conformance with European iguzzino EN and more specic ones, therefore meeting these requirements in full, including the maximum temperatures allowed and considering the ambient temperature to be 25C. Lets try reread the passage by replacing the word thing with the word light; iguzzii result is the underlying belief that iGuzzini Illuminazione applies to lighting design and the systems that deliver it.

Reduced dimensions, careful control of light distribution, easy installation in continuous lines, and high energy efficiency are the basic features of the new iN30 LED versions. San Benedetto del TrontoItaly. Guzzini Group – Fimag The Guzzini group is made up of three companies.


Libertadores San Isidro LimaTel. Manufactured In die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material. It is perfect to light any round surface, because its shape easily follows the shape of the object being lit.

Suspension and wall mounted versions with DALI wiring. Esmeraldapiso 6 – of.

Ceiling and wall mounted installation with down-light light emission. The lamps with active heat dissipation integrate a small cooling fan, which allows the use of LEDs with a total power of 35 Watt and a light emission, which would be impossible with other types of lamps in these devices, thereby increasing performance. WowThe underlying theme and credo of iGuzzinis street lighting solutions is environmental sustainability.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fitting complete with electronic control gear or DALI. Wikiquote has quotations related to: But there are also differences in colour rendering quality. Additionally, the system offers a choice between two different heat dissipation systems; active and passive. BoxAbu Dhabi,U. A museum is not only the space in which works of art are exhibited, but also the environment where the artist and spectator meet.

Its job is to create clean and neutral backgrounds to focus the attention itself. New technology and the spread of luminous diodes represents a further great revolution which was unthinkable even just a few years ago.

A wholly sustainable value.

iguzzini int EN – iGuzzini – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Light has a communicative and social value in its ability to optimise urban spaces, giving the possibility of reclaiming the culture of a place, encourage aggregation, stimulating business and tourism, making events and architecture spectacular and increasing the feeling of safety.

Open the catalog to page 2. The innovative Timeless Technology ensures that the fitting can be kept up to date by following the fast evolution of LEDs. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Enzo Eusebi. Adjustable LED optics spot 18 and medium 26 available in neutral and warm.


A solution that allows the single modules, and not the whole fitting, to be replaced quickly if there are any damaged LEDs. On the other hand light creates things by illuminating them; it reveals their shape, colour and defines their position in space.

iGuzzini 2012 interior/exterior novelties

LED versions with warm and neutral monochromatic white emission; available with passive dissipation with lamellar radiator or active dissipation with cooling fan; all models are fitted with an integrated electronic control gear.

Consisting of a drawn and painted steel sheet plate that includes the LED circuit installed on 202 plate. Enzo Eusebi in It has been designed for applications that require a lighting body with beauty, character and emotion, but at the same time with low energy consumption.

Various beams can be achieved by replacing the glass in front of the source; a further revolution in terms of management and maintenance. Accessory for wall installation of all iPro oodlights small body medium body large body already included in iGuzzini general catalogue. We have created this tool to answer the needs of architects and lighting designers and provide them with detailed, exact, cross-referenced information on products and performance. If a space needs to be lit professionally, the light must become the queen of 202 operation: