This course covers the CATIA Generative Shape Design (GSD) workbenches and includes general tuition in surfacing concepts, quality and methodology. With CATIA V5 there is often a cost associated with additional functionality we will have a look at the PLM Express products GS1 and GSD. GSD: Generative Shape Design. it is an P2 (Plattform 2) workbench for modelling surfaces and wireframes of good quality. It is a very powerfull.

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An other example of a smart modification system: Creating Offset Surfaces Variable Offset Healing Geometry Curve Smooth Good luck with the interview!

The FreeStyle capability is improved with the addition of wireframe function. Creating Spherical Surfaces Cylinder December 28th, Displaying Geometric Information on Elements. Creating Extruded Gwd Revolve Creating Cylindrical Surfaces Offset Use a Circular Pattern to copy the mounting pad and hole around the center axis.


Manages links to other documents. I created a model like this: GSD has features that are used to join several surfaces together.

Generative Shape Design Menu Bar

It provides an extensive set of tools for creating and modifying mechanical surfaces used in the design of complex shapes or hybrid parts. Creating a Close Surface Draft How can I avoid this problem and make my surface solid? Creating a Bead Tools Please note that most of the Tools commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure. Allows the creation of local axis-system.

CATIA V5-6R2016 drives higher Design excellence

Extrapolating Geometry Invert orientation Note that most of the edit commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure.

This functionality allows to create some high level and complex mechanical surfaces.

See Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets. December 26th, cattia, Creating Extruded Volumes Volume Revolve The various menus and menu commands that are specific to Generative Shape Design are described below.


Creating a Diabolo Hole Creating Polar Extremum Elements. Creating a Shell Sew Surface GSD can reuse the same surface geometry in multiple instances, allowing concurrent engineering to take place.

Creating Adaptive Swept Surfaces Fill Why did you ignore my save file? Both standard and advanced combinations of elements use associative transformation, including symmetry, scaling, translation, affinity, extrapolation and gss.

Under-constrained designs are allowed and over-constrained designs can also be created. Refer to the Cstia User’s Guide. Tags for this Thread generative shape design.

The Window menu lets you arrange document windows in relation one to the other. Creating a Hole Hole Curve Unfolding a Surface Transfer