Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image® . It saves and restores only used blocks in hard drive. Two types of Clonezilla. Assuming you have used Clonezilla Live to make a backup of your Windows XP English language (available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian. Clonezilla-SysRescCD starting screen [^]. If you’re fine with US keymap and English language (available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian.

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When creating a disk image, one needs to check that both the source and target partitions are error free. This is intended for experts. You can get the current version of Clonezilla from its Sourceforge documentatiom.

If you want to clone the hard disk, type Y, and then press the Enter key. Choose the cloned disk image you want to restore, press the spacebar, documentayion then press the Enter key. If your source disk does not contain that much stuff, you can shrink its partition size in Disk Management first to meet the target disk.

Allocate Free Space Move free space from one partition to another without data loss. This screen allows me to select the background picture of the menu. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. First I dofumentation to say how much I appreciate your partition manager.

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Available options are local directory, remote directory through sshsamba or nfs and skipto use the previously used directory. Choose the device-image option.

The default parameters for booting Clonezilla Live on a x screen, are the following:. Here I can select the desired operation. In the Input a name field, type a meaningful name for the saved image, and then press the Enter key. Choose the save disk option. Again, your product is top notch.

  ASTM D4021 PDF

Clonezilla Copy Disk Wizard on the left side, and choose your desire copy method. Some BIOSes contain a boot menu, others require editing settings pernamently. Select the source disk by clicking on the disk you want to clone, and click “Next” to continue. File Sync Automatically sync files with a schedule or in real-time without delay.

Clonezolla is a cross-platform, open source hard drive cloning software program. Type a name for the disk image. If you’re using US keymap, the default option ” Don’t touch keymap ” is a better choice. You may be asked to check the source file system here. Here I can select the desired operation.

Clonezilla Live Doc

Answer this question Flag as This partition contains only one image. On the Getting backups page, a MB virtual disk containing megabytes of data was copied to a 2 GB virtual disk which was empty.

Download and Install this freeware, and open it to configure a cloning process. Fourthselect the source disk and the target disk in turn now. I select Beginer mode to accept the default restore options.

Restore a cloned disk. Because you most likely use a different keyboard, choose the one you use. If you need to change these settings, select one of the available Clonezilla Live menu entries, and press TAB.

Clonezilla to Clone HDD to SSD in Windows – Workaround

In this screen I can select the default option of the menu. In the aspect of disk cloning, Clonezilla requires the target disk SSD in the article should be equal or larger than the source disk HDD. I answer ” Yes “. Another option would be to create a DVD you can use to restore this image. This option will clone the disk to the first partition on the second internal or external disk.


Volume label is the name of the disc you may see in various situations, for example in the notification you see when you insert the disc into your DVD writer.


If you’re using US keymap, the default option ” Don’t touch keymap ” is a better choice. How do I get a clone replacement hard drive? While the computer reboots, press and hold the C key until you see the boot sequence starting. To clone hard drive to SSD, Clonezilla is a clonezills but too complicated and time-consuming. This is the clonezila step before starting the cloning process.

If you still cannot manage Clonezilla to clone your hard drive, you can try another program that will automatically avoid such problems. When the disk image is successfully created, I must reboot doumentation order to burn the disc because my DVD burner is still in use. To make it bootable, you need to extract the zip file, and create a MB partition on SSD as the boot partition. Select the cloned disk image to restore.

More details can be found here. Wait for the cloning process to be completed. Once Clonezilla Live loads, it will automatically boot using the default mode options.

Clonezilla Live can be loaded into computer memory during boot in order to be able to burn disc s cocumentation it.

This screen allows me to select the caption for all menu items.