In Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine exposes the bad science, the ridiculous arguments and the persistent biases that blind. Delusions of Gender has ratings and reviews. Cordelia Fine, a psychologist, decided to write this book after discovering her son’s kindergarten. Delusions of Gender. How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference. Cordelia Fine (Author, University of Melbourne, Australia). Sign up for the.

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Fine is not a dogmatist, as she does acknowledge that medical research, if interpreted properly and carefully defined, can isolate biological differences between males and females. The sad thing is, this book is very interesting and insightful in so many other ways, in outlining some ways human behavior is socialized. And if it doesn’t make you change your mind about at least a few things in this area, you are either a remarkably knowledgable person or an incurable bigot.

This is a brilliant and fascinating book, injected with a little bit of wit and sarcasm which I always appreciate in a non-fiction delusios and which I think is needed when dealing with this subject which can sometimes be a little bit touchy. It’s a discussion of …more It’s really neither – while she doesn’t touch on trans folks at all, the book is absolutely the opposite of gender essentialist.

Delusions of Gender endears itself to me because, at the end of the day, Fine is basically saying we need to stay skeptical of claims that appear to be scientific on the surface but, if you scratch that surface, reveal supposition. While I already knew much of lf Fine explains or alludes to, I learned more things and even had my own unconscious biases checked at some points. Even this could be due to more exposure to active toys, and in any case hardly constitutes an excuse to exclude women from the workplace.

She’s done her research thoroughly and come up with good counters to the conclusions of popular experiments, and what’s more she writes with confidence and persuasiveness both scientifically and sociologically putting forth plenty of alternative reasons as to why Women might be seen as more caring, or why that female baby supposedly reared in a gender delusoins fashion is still reaching for pink barbie dolls to play with.

At the end of this section, she points to a mass study, or meta-analysis, that puts together data from thousands of participants from various studies investigating the same question, and showed that, when using a large sample size as opposed to the small ones normally used in these experimentsmost of the trends that scientists have claimed to find on gender differences turn out to be statistically insignificant, and therefore unsupported by science.


Do they really hardwired in our brains? The result is this book.

Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

Retrieved from ” https: Like when she talks about a study that found gender differences in babies who are only one day old. I know many women who are world-class in these fields. He cites this book as an influence on his ideas about gender preferences not being innate. The rational response is to be as skeptical as possible about all such claims, and I will pay Fine the compliment of treating her own arguments with the same skepticism. Bologan thinks it may be the best move and explicitly mentions former Women’s World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova as the person who’s done most to help make it respectable; indeed, a quick look at the Chessbase online game database shows that she’s defended this position eight times, drawing seven and winning one.

Why are there so few women in science and engineering, so few men in the laundry room?

Delusions of Gender – Wikipedia

Oct 06, Lobstergirl rated it really liked it. It’s a discussion of the way that preconceived biases and social cues CREATE difference or the illusion of difference between men and women read: In surprisingly many cases, they flat-out lie. It could very easily have been a valuable part of that discussion. Similarly, if she is told that girls normally perform better than boys on this type of exam, then she will do better, regardless of her skill level.

Are girls biologically geared toward the humanities and males toward the hard sciences? Another group is told gended boys and girls perform the same on math tests. Because it is hilarious.

This is a position most feminists take very strongly, and it’s clearly an innate psychological difference between men and women. Fine’s target is the new gender essentialism, the reconstructed sexism that attempts to put women back in their traditional roles as ‘unbenders of husbands’ brows’ and caregivers to children, and to keep them out of politics, mathematics and the sciences, by asserting that they are fitted for their place by essential female abilities and incapacities.

Thankfully her wit, sarcasm and brisk pace stop the book from ever getting dry. She dedicates a large portion of the book to knocking down neurosexism. She does an excellent job of pointing out the flaws in many of the studies cited by the other side. The roots of these beliefs are not in inherent biological limitations, but instead in cultural biases, education and raising, and priming.

Jul 18, Trevor rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can’t raise or measure children in a societal vacuum. The desirable occupations in life, the ones that are seen as the plums, must be taken up by men rather than women because they have the right brain composition. And occasionally the scientific terms get a tad bit overwhelming, but if you want a readable academic book about neurosexism, you aren’t going to find a better, more interesting, more readable book.


The possibility of getting significant results by chance is a problem in any area of research, but it’s particularly acute for sex differences research. They have different reproductive systems and different physical proportions. It’s so easy to believe in the myth and Cordelia Fine does an excellent job of outlining why this is a myth and why the scientific methodologies and experiments behind studies that supposedly prove that men and women are inherently different are so often flawed.

And children are acutely sensitive to the multiple instructions they receive, in the very air they breathe, about how to conform to their genders.

In fact for now it is the other way around. Robyn Bluhm – – Neuroethics 6 2: Homosexuality is innate in some individuals.

Fine shows just how far parents have to go to eliminate the pressure to perform gender by recording the hilarious experience of the Bem family, forced to such lengths as denying that they knew the gender of friends, and erasing beards from picture books.

Jul 13, Manny rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Oh, and then you have difference feminism, complete with genddr own quack psychologists such as Carol Gilligan who claim that, yes, there are innate differences between men and women, but that gsnder “way of knowing” is superior to men’s. Women report more empathetic ability than men do, but in in real-life situations, no gender differences in mind-reading have been found. Yet popular books, magazines and even scientific articles defend inequalities by citing immutable fordelia differences between the male and female brain.

In a Nutshell Fine debunks the deterministic views of gender that are often based on brain structure and organisation. This book actually changed the way I see the world!! Return to Book Page. She criticises others for lazy stereotyping and in the next sentence suggests that men are not so keen on attending male-dominated conferences because there’s less opportunity gendrr sex. One can see, correlia, how all of these areas work together to create continuing perceptions of different abilities.

Comparisons based on different levels of foetal testosterone use a variety of proxies, of dubious accuracy the amount found in amniotic fluid, mother’s blood, baby’s digit length.

Ma says early on that