“But does Agile scale?” Emerging stories and case studies indicate that it certainly does. InfoQ brings you two excerpts from Dean Leffingwell’s book ” Scaling. Best Practices for Large Enterprises, by Dean Leffingwell. Agile software development can be adopted on the enterprise level, and Dean Leffingwell’s “Scaling Software Agility” explains how. This free chapter, “The.

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Dean Leffingwell

Test automation expert and practitioner Angie Jones outlines 10 things testers want in the next generation of codeless tools. These chapters are excerpted from the new book, “Scaling Software Agility: You can find out more http: Impact on Customers and Operation Chapter Things done well and with care, exempt themselves from fear.

It skftware like an entire soccer team was there, in uniform!

Three best practices ]. Here’s why, and what you should be doing instead. How to Choose an Enterprise Agile Platform.

This was to be his next, full time, career. Changing the Organization Chapter For the first time, a book accomplished the missing void we saught so hard to find. It was bit of a pain. Risk assessment is a crucial part of a QA tester’s toolkit.


Why the fast pace of IT is outpacing project management Think products, not projects. The goal must be to change this perspective, but a full discussion of this tax and accounting issue is beyond the scope of this article. Scalint book truly hits the mark and accurately describes why so many companies have such a hard time converting.

Dean Leffingwell asks tough question about agility at scale

For the past year, my team and I have successfully convinced many crucial business owners throughout the organization that agile driven concepts as described by Dean Leffingwell are crucial to delivering better software faster. Join a community of oversenior developers. The State of QA and Testing. It’s easy to overlook the full cost of supporting software.

Managing Highly Distributed Development Chapter How I created a culture of quality QA is a mindset.

Scaling Software Agility | Best Practices for Large Enterprises, by Dean Leffingwell

Suffice it to say that this is a problem that impacts cost to software-based businesses, and therefore cost to their customers.

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Are 30 different teams going to build, each on their own, an implementation for single sign-on? For those who have been following the High Assurance and Regulated Environments series, I am pleased to announce the completion and publication of the whitepaper: He and other agility-at-scale methodologists believe they have done that with their own prescriptions.


Ledfingwell For more information, please visit: Assurity Lean Agile Workshop Description.

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Here’s how to use computer vision and machine learning for test automation when your usual toolkit and framework won’t work. He completes the book by breaking out agile concepts that scale regardless of size and more importantly, deean also covers several concepts that if implemented, help a large company adapt to more agile best practices.

Here is the latest: Here’s how NASA does it.

Stuff you should be doing earlier In addition, especially eoftware the first year or so of transition to agile, the hardening sprint may be used legitimately for a number of other things. Agility Works at Scale. Leffingwell is also the lead author of the popular text, Managing Software Requirements Second Edition: Tuesday, Agiliyy 22nd,9: Overview of Software Agility Chapter 1: As microservices and APIs thrive, the need to streamline the management side grows exponentially.