Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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No doubt, had he been able to understand the beauty of the religious ideal, it would have called forth in him a mighty energy of devotion, the effect of which he would have been reaping now.

The final Heaven where souls at the fourth level of initiation those souls who have become arhats and no longer need to reincarnate is leaebeater Nirvana. But love of poane far nobler and grander type than anything to be seen on this level may of course be found upon the higher sub-planes.

One might almost say that a black magician could function on the mental plane only while he forgot that he was a black magician. Blavatsky, The Theosophical Glossary. It has seven precious lakes, revachanic the midst of which flow crystalline waters having seven and yet one distinctive properties and qualities.

Just as on first awakening in the morning one devacanic passes through a period of intensely delightful repose during which one is conscious of the devachaniv of enjoyment, though the mind is as yet inactive and the body hardly under control so the entity awakening into the heaven-world first passes through a more or less prolonged period of intense and gradually increasing bliss before his full activity of consciousness on that plane is reached.

Its flower indeed eevachanic a root in the shadow of every earth,” for from every world man enters the corresponding heaven, and happiness such as no tongue may tell is the blossom which burgeons forth for all who so live as to fit themselves to attain it. After various less conclusive experiments a method was adopted which gave a fairly clear idea of the different results produced, one investigator remaining on the lowest subdivision to send out the thought-forms, while others rose to the next higher level, so as to be able to observe what took place from above, and thus avoid many possibilities of confusion.

To function consciously during physical life upon the higher levels denotes still greater advancement, for it means leadbeatfr unification of the man, so that down here he is no longer a mere personality, more or less influenced by the individuality above, but is himself that individuality — trammelled and pplane by a body, certainly, but nevertheless having within him the power and knowledge of a highly developed ego.

Devachanic Plane By C. W. Leadbeater, Free PDF | Global Grey

In both cases the answer must be that the occurrence is possible, devacbanic extremely rare. Perhaps among those who in these little books catch their first glimpse of its teachings, there may be a few who will be led by them to penetrate more deeply into its philosophy, its science and its religion, facing its abstruser problems with the students zeal and -the neophyte’s ardour. For instance, an Irish peasant was seen absorbed in the deepest adoration of the Virgin Mary, whom he imaged as standing on the moon after the fashion of Titian’s ” Assumption,” but holding out her hands and speaking to him.

It should be premised that a pupil of any one of devachanlc great Adepts is always connected with his Master by a constant current of thought and influence, which expresses itself on the mental plane as a great ray or stream of dazzling light of all colours — violet and gold and blue; and it might perhaps have been expected that the pupil’s earnest, loving thought would send a special vibration along this line.

No doubt he had gone to church devachanid every Sunday, because it was the customary and proper thing to do; but religion had been to him a sort of dim cloud which he did not really understand, which had no connection with the business of everyday life, and was never taken into account in deciding its problems.

For example, a prominent materialist intimately leadbeatdr to one of our members was not long ago discovered by his friend upon the highest sub-plane of the astral, where he had surrounded himself with his books, and was continuing his studies almost as he might have done on earth. In the mind-body as in the astral body there is a reproduction of the physical form within the outer ovoid whose shape is determined by that of the causal body, so that it has somewhat the appearance of a form of denser mist surrounded by a lighter mist.

A more interesting case was that of a Spanish nun who [page 54] had died at about the age of nineteen or twenty. A fairly large number of entities whose mental activities work themselves out on this level are drawn from the oriental religions; but only those are included who have the characteristic of pure but comparatively unreasoning and unintelligent devotion.


For every man has within himself matter belonging to every one leadbbeater these planes, a vehicle corresponding to each, in which he can function upon it when he learns how this may be done.

Nor, even if he could so return, would his account of his experiences give any true idea of the plane, for, as will presently [page 9] be seen, it is only those who can enter it in full waking consciousness who are able to move about freely and drink in all the wondrous glory planf beauty which the heaven-world has to show.

It is possible, I say; but it is not wise — unless, indeed, his Master stands beside him to draw him back at the right moment from its mighty embrace; for otherwise its irresistible force will carry him away onward and upward into still higher planes, whose far greater glories his ego is as yet unable to sustain; he will lose consciousness, and with no certainty as to when and where and how he will regain it.

The sleeper remained in that condition for several hours, though apparently entirely unconscious of the passage of time, and at last awoke with a sense of deep peace and inward joy for which, since she had brought back no recollection of what had happened, she was quite unable to account.

Not only is the matter which we must endeavour to describe much further removed than is astral [page 6] matter from that to which we are accustomed, but the consciousness of that plane is so immensely wider than anything we can imagine down here, and its very conditions so entirely different, that when called upon to translate it all into mere ordinary words the explorer feels himself utterly at a loss, and can only trust that the intuition of his readers will supplement the inevitable imperfections of his description.

He finds that for him to think is to realize; there is never any doubt, hesitation, or delay about this direct action of the higher sense. And by such fuller expression he is also enabled to derive more and more benefit from the living force of that love as it pours itself upon him through these thought-images. It is in this celestial world that much of their most important work is done — more especially upon its higher levels, where the individuality can be acted upon directly.

The Devachanic Plane

Two factors have to be taken into account in our consideration planne this subject — the degree of development of each of the persons concerned. In an early letter from an eminent occultist the following beautiful passage was given as a quotation from memory. Leadbfater longer can misunderstandings arise, no longer can he be deceived or misled by any outward appearances, for every thought and feeling of his friend lies open as a book before him on that plane.

If it be asked what is the real difference between the matter of the various sub-planes of the mental plane, it is not easy to answer in other than very general terms, for the unfortunate scribe bankrupts himself of adjectives in an unsuccessful endeavour to describe the lowest plane, and devachanci has nothing left to say about the others.

Of course the ordinary ignorant fanatic never reaches this level, plsne a few of the noblest cases, deevachanic as Livingstone, might be found here engaged in the congenial occupation of converting multitudes of people to the particular religion which they happened to advocate. This lowest subdivision of the heaven-world, to which the action of our poor seamstress raised the objects of her kindly care, has for its principal leadbeatet that of affection for family or friends — unselfish, of course, but usually somewhat narrow.

An interesting point is that since a man may well enter into the heaven-life of several of his departed friends at once, he devachznic thus be simultaneously manifesting himself in all these various forms, as well as, perhaps, managing a physical body down here.

The Christian on this plane, for example, instead of merely adoring his Saviour, would think of himself as going out into the world to work for him. The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some distance beyond the atmosphere. It may be remembered that this plane was called by the Greeks the sublunar world.

Theosophy : Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

It must be understood that the seven globes of our chain are real globes, occupying leadbwater and separate positions in space, notwithstanding the fact that some of them are not up in the physical plane. That love must be low indeed into which no unselfish thought or impulse has entered; and on the other hand an affection which is [page 39] usually and chiefly quite pure and noble may yet sometimes be clouded by a spasm of jealous feeling or leadbeatr passing thought of self.

She thought of herself as eventually martyred for her faith, and ascending into heaven, but yet only to live over and over again this life in which she so delighted. There is no doubt, however, that such an experience as this, whether remembered in the physical body or not, would act as a distinct impulse to the spiritual evolution of the ego concerned.


The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

The disturbance set up in the mere matter of the plane is similar, though greatly intensified in this much leasbeater refined form of matter; but in the essence no form at all is now created, and the method of action is entirely changed.

Another enormous distinction is that on those four lower subdivisions some degree of illusion is still possible ldadbeater not indeed for the entity who stands upon them in full consciousness during life, but for the undeveloped person who passes there after the change which men call death.

The very sense itself, by which he is enabled to cognize all this, is not the least of the marvels of this celestial [page 13] world; no longer does he hear and see and feel by separate and limited organs, as he does down here, nor has he even the immensely extended capacity of sight and hearing which he possessed on the astral plane; instead of these he feels within him a strange new power which is not any of them, and yet includes them all and much more — a power devachainc enables him the moment any person or thing comes before him not only to see it and feel it and hear it, but to know all about it instantly inside and out — its causes, its effects, and its possibilities, so far at least as that plane and all below it are concerned.

Indeed, all these planes together constitute in reality one mighty living whole, though as yet our feeble powers are capable of observing only a very small part of this at a time.

In her heaven she carried herself back to the date of Christ’s life upon earth, and imagined herself as accompanying him through the chain of events recounted in the gospels, and after his crucifixion taking care of his mother the Virgin Mary.

Every soul must of course withdraw into its true self upon the higher levels before reincarnation ; but it does not at all follow that in that condition it will experience anything that we should call consciousness. Verily it is true that down here dwvachanic eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard, neither [page leadbeated hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive” the glories of the heaven-world: Not unnaturally, perhaps, her pictures of the scenery and costumes of Palestine were entirely inaccurate, for the Saviour and his disciples wore the dress of Spanish peasants, while the hills round Jerusalem were mighty mountains clothed with vineyards, and the olive trees were hung with grey Spanish moss.

Yet this experience is so utterly unlike anything we know on the physical plane that in trying to put it into words one is troubled by a curious sense of helplessness — of absolute incapacity, not only to do it justice, for of that one resigns all hope from the very outset, but even to give any idea at all of it to those who have not themselves seen it.

Thus is justified the grand old description of the heaven-world as the place “where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.

However, Devachan is a temporary, intermediate state of being before the soul’s eventual rebirth into the physical world. Nor is his study confined to the progress of humanity alone; he has before him, as in a museum, all the strange animal and vegetable forms which occupied the stage in days when the world was young ; he can follow all the wonderful geological devacganic which have taken place, and watch the course of the great cataclysms which have altered the whole face of the earth again and again.

A few examples of the cases observed on this sub-plane will perhaps show these distinctions more clearly than any mere description can do. In the causal body, when very highly developed, this achievement is possible, though even then by no means with the ease and rapidity with which eladbeater can be done upon the buddhic plane by those who have devachhanic in raising their consciousness to that level.

At an early period of the investigation it became evident that on the mental as on the astral plane there was present an elemental essence quite distinct from the mere matter of the plane, and that it was, if possible, even more instantaneously sensitive to the devchanic of thought here than it had been in that lower world.