If you’ve read Georges Simenon’s classic of existential noir Dirty Snow you will probably believe there was mutual influence between Simenon. Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow, a noir chronicle of a mean, vicious soul, is anything but the feel-good read of the summer. But novelist Jim. Georges Simenon is reasonably well-known as the Belgian author of the Maigret detective stories, but deserves to be a good deal more famous.

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In a world of war, what personal crimes are impermissible? Dirty Snow, by Georges Simenon 1 8 Oct 22, Overall, the writing is sharp and the plot revelations strategically managed such that this reader was enthralled. And soon he kills again…an old woman in his childhood village who recognized him in the course of a burglary. On second or third thought, could it be that most of us occupy this middle ground of exploitative participation in the corporate society which itself acts as an occupational force in our midst?

Secondly, the reason that Simenon in real life was accused of collaborating with the enemy was that he wrote books or screenplays that were adopted into films by the Nazis.

Dirty Snow

When he encounters affection, he sees it as weakness and will destroy anything that resembles it, as we see in the cold and callous murder that follows. View all 3 comments. Holst is erudite, righteous, and unflinching in the face of hardship: Main Street was about the possible effects, or the difficulties of ‘civilising’ a ‘backwoods’ community, charming and sad at the same time, the First World war a distant backdrop.

Then he heard a voice, Stan’s—Frank had forgotten about him. This tale of brute thuggery and homocide in the wartime demimonde is a kind of a counter quest narrative. It was years since he had been here, but it was impossible for his feet not to follow in his old footsteps. In his afterword to this novel, William T.


Simenon’s ecstatically bleak Dirgy Snow teeters on the fulcrum between four and five starness and only just barely comes to rest on the four star side. From deep in his throat, he drawled, “Maybe we sienon help her remember. She disappoints him easily, and his attraction to the young innocent turns to disdain in a heartbeat.

On a dime, anyone can be an object of suspicion: Any thoughts on that? Which are the greater crimes, crimes of nations, who invade, occupy, and torture?

Posted by Howard Curtis on March 15, at 6: A perfect summer beach read. He remembered that, too. Frank, however, feels untouchable.

Dirty Snow by Simenon | His Futile Preoccupations

Even in translation you can see this – simplicity over ornamentation – pursuit of the meaning of a mood. I think he was an exceptional man, and unfortunately the fact that he wrote SO many novels tends to make somenon dismiss his work. Trivia About Dirty Snow.

Murder and other illegalities may be off limits, but betrayal dirhy the corporate world comes just as easily as it does for Frank in occupied territory. Was it the other low-lifes with whom he associated or some combination thereof?

NYRB Classics have republished a number of them. A dark, hopeless book with a despicable main character, who described himself at the end as “a piece of shit” to his interrogators, it’s also a fascinating look at the interior of his mind, shallow snoow it may be. What about the other prisoners? So is there any redemption after all this gloom and doom? This is quite brilliant Frank waits in the snow of the back alley, knife at the ready, waiting siemnon the Eunuch to walk out of the bar.


The book is much richer and deeper than I had realized. But redemption, sooner or later, comes to us all.

I’ve just done my top ten books ofbut will have to add this to make it my top December 1, at 9: And the French are closer to the truth, here. Hi Heavenall, Georges Simenon was an extremely prolific writer; he wrote novels in all.

Are these 2nd-hand finds? They do not attempt to pass any kind of judgment on the worth, quality, whatever, of the book at least not usually.

He was eventually cleared of all the charges. James Hynes is a pioneer of genre-bending fiction, seamlessly combining satire and horror in his two books of academic life, Publish and Perish and The Lecturer’s Tale.

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For some people, the realisation of unattainability is unacceptable. Notify me of new posts via email. Frank is a young man who is eager to make a name for himself and, at the very beginning of the book, he kills a man outside a bar; an action viewed by one of the neighbours, Gerhardt Holst, whose daughter is in love with Frank.

Frank is particularly insensitive to rirty young female neighbor who, for some inexplicable reason, has a crush on him.

I recommend Drty and if you use the same seller Better World Books always seems to have a lot of titles you can save on shipping. Maybe he hadn’t been entirely sure about Frank. His country, apparently France, dirtty been occupied by enemy forces.