Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light has ratings and 13 reviews. Owlseyes said: Dictionary’s definition of DREAM: series of thoughts, v. and the Practice of Natural Light author: Chogyal Namkhai Norbu pages: Dream yoga and the practice of natural light. By Namkhai Norbu; edited by Michael Katz. — 1st ed. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN . 1.

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Dream yoga

After experiences of the intermediate state of bardo an individual comes out of it, a new karmic joga is created, and another existence begins. There is a great correspondence between dream yoga and illusory body. This is very relevant to diminishing attachments, because they are based on strong beliefs that life’s perceptions and objects are real and, as a consequence, important.

The dreamer should realize that he or she is not the dream body. The book also provides a biography of the Tibetan master. Apr 12, Owlseyes rated it really liked it Shelves: Archived copy as title link accessed: Norrbu Review deram Flag as inappropriate An amazing book. Oxford University Press, as one of the six subtypes of yoga elaborated by the Tibetan guru Marpa and passed down by his disciple Milarepa.

Both the objects in the dream and objects in the world in the Buddhist worldview are therefore empty and have no substantial nature. In the first stage, the dreamer is told to become lucid in the dream.


Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light – Namkhai Norbu – Google Books

Buddha Shakyamuni often told his disciples to regard all phenomena as dreams. Yoga philosophy Bhagavad Gita Yoga Vasistha. The dream state is a very pure state of mind. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to master dream yoga, but it can only reinforce my practice.

He goes beyond the practices of lucid dreaming that have been popularized in the West by presenting methods for guiding dream states that are part of a broader system for enhancing self-awareness called Dzogchen. Dream yoga mastery not only assists in the drea, realisation of shunyatabut also in the lila of Mahamaya.

Dream yoga – Wikipedia

Recognizing, transforming, multiplying and unifying the dream with the luminosity of the true nature; these four outline the essential applications of dream yoga.

Progressing the sadhana may be metaphorically likened to living the scientific hypothesis of a resolved superposition.

History Timeline Outline Culture Index of articles. Geoffroy Tremblay rated it it was amazing Jul 31, It included multiple versions of waking up and a few moments of intense clarity and non-duality.

Oct 06, Kakyn rated it it was amazing. Indian Buddhist Tantra Anuttarayoga Tantra.

Not to be confused with just lucid dream as in the Western Laberge’s senseDream of Clarity is lucid dream without karmic traces on waking life and is arisen from Clarity rather than impression.

Also, sometimes the writer wanders off and I had difficulty to continue reading.


Theblueinfant rated it really liked it Aug 18, Once lucidity has been established the applications are limitless. People who have practised dream yoga have been able to visit teachers they missed and travel to lands they never managed to get to in the waking state. This material deepens the first edition’s emphasis on specific exercises to develop awareness within the dream and sleep states.

Katz writes thereafter about one of the most important lessons of the Buddhist approach: The Nature and Classes of Dreams. When one realises and embodies the Shunyata Doctrine of Buddha Shakyamuni and Nagarjuna amongst others forded by Dream Yoga and other advanced sadhana, a complete realisation is imminent and elementary. Next, The dreamer should realize that he or she has control of the dream by changing big objects into small ones, heavy objects into light ones, and many objects into one object.

This happens before I finish reading this book but after the retreat. Secret Tibetan methods for working with dream states. For instance, the lucid dreamer should put out the fire with his hands and realize fire cannot burn him in the dream.

Part of a series on.