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Only show products with samples. For this class of instructions, the data is always subject to rounding. The maximum fspic33fj256gp710a length of the circular buffer is 32K words 64 Kbytes Therefore, the data space address range is 64 Kbytes, or 32K words, though the implemented memory locations vary by device.

CPU Module: EasyPIC Fusion v7 MCUcard with dsPIC33

Capture timer value on every edge rising and falling 3. This sspic33fj256gp710a customers to manu- facture boards with unprogrammed devices and then program the digital signal controller just before shipping the the product.

The space is addressable by a bit value derived from either the bit Program Counter PC during program execution, or from table operation or data space remapping as described in Section Please contact sales office if device weight is not available. All word accesses must be aligned dspic33fj256gp710aa an even address. Electronic Solutions for Medical and Fitness.



The tuning step size is an approximation and is neither characterized nor tested. Many registers associated with the CPU and peripherals are forced to a known Reset state. Table read operations are permitted in the configuration memory space.

Ground reference for analog modules. This applies to clock switches in either direction. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Customer Notification System Register on our web site at www. Explorer 16 Development Board User’s Guide. I C supports multi-master operation; detects bus collision and will arbitrate accordingly. Datashet – Signal generation, fractional sampling rate, interpolation, decimation.

U-0 U-0 — — bit 8 W-0 W-0 bit Bit is unknown The IEC registers maintain all of the interrupt enable bits.

Microchip DSPIC33FJGPA-I/PT Price | Datasheet | Stock | Allchips

Download datasheet 3Mb Share this datqsheet. The device names, pin counts, memory sizes and peripheral availability of each family are listed below, followed by their pinout diagrams Hardware Conditioning datashfet Sensor Signals. R-0 R-0 bit 8 R-0 R-0 bit Bit is unknown The data space can be addressed as 32K words or 64 Kbytes and is split into two blocks, referred and Y data memory. The SPI module is See Table for the list of implemented interrupt vectors.


These control bits are used to individually enable interrupts from the peripherals or external signals.

Misaligned word data fetches are not supported, so care must be taken when mixing byte and word operations, or translating from 8-bit MCU code Hardware clear at device address match. Description Analog input channels.

Buy from the Microchip Store. For the ADD and LAC instructions, the data to be accumulated or loaded can be optionally scaled via the barrel shifter prior to accumulation.