Effortless Mastery has ratings and 74 reviews. David said: As a jazz pianist, this book was a paradigm changer. Kenny Werner goes beyond chops, the. A concise, free and complete summary of “Effortless Mastery” – Kenny Werner’s bottleneck busting guide to mastering your craft by learning to. Effortless Mastery was not written by a philosopher or an academic. Kenny Werner, is one of my favorite pianists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and.

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Reguarly practice good thought patterns – there are lots described in the book, e. But, as far as providing “signposts of mastery” indicating that one is ready to tackle the next step goes, there don’t seem to be any, particularly with regard to Step One.

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By the way, if you think repeating “I am great. Search Photos by photo tag. Kenny teaches that ‘The joy of practicing is concentration.

The lessons come down to this: It’s not that you can minimize practice time, and it’s not that you don’t need practice. Two weeks later I worked through the fear of it and meditated, guitar hanging from my shoulders, imagining looking at myself from a detached self, focusing on being light. Yemen Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe.

It really just inspires me. It reflects the character of the player as an evolved being, and the depth with which he unites himself to his notes. A must for Musicians, but also for writersartistsdancers Great reference for any msstery. This book is not to be read by anyone who is skeptic wegner its messages and wants to see whether they will be convinced. The joy of playing is liberation. For Pros Sign in or sign up to upload your events.

Effortless Mastery

That is when my brother-in-law surprised me with a copy of Effortless Mastery. It was not written by a philosopher or an academic.


Eastern mindful approach to practice and performance of any craft really. I’m not talking about the people who know that they were born for an instrument, or the people who pick up an instrument and can’t put it down for 20 years.

Apr 16, David Lafferty rated it it was amazing. Don’t let thinking fear, expectations etc get in the way.

Ik las het boek op aanraden van mijn gitaarleraar om mijn stress bij examens beter te beheersen, maar als je het moet oplossen door te mediteren en constant te roepen ‘ik ben een genie’, dan hoeft het voor mij niet.

This book explores among other things the wernre of great music making to be easy. It’s worth reading repetitions of the theme from Werner, because almost every musician who is serious about their craft at qerner point thinks of themselves as a fraud.

But it is not good for creating. I am in the three quarters through and not feeling so good about this. He decided that classical piano was not for him, and switched to Berklee College of Musicbecause of its jazz program. My only qualms were an overuse of exclamations and italics to get points across, and that at times it devolved into socio-philosophical ramblings which made some winnowing mastrry in order to get the most valuable nuggets.

Paperbackpages. From that point, he developed his philosophy and teaching methods which led mmastery this book.

Book Summary: “Effortless Mastery”, Kenny Werner

The book was received very well, with over ninety thousand copies having been sold as of It feels like someone is putting their hand on your shoulder and telling you that whatever insecurities you’re feeling about your abilities is ok while reminding you that you just need to play because you LIKE playing music.

The positive affirmations are annoyingly effective. There is always a schism between what the ego wants to play and what wants to come out. The practise has been beneficial in many ways. I play jazz piano and have had many professional teachers swear that when they perform they stop thinking and play from instinct. It was quite clear, though, that the author was quite joyful at writing this book, and sharing his methods, and that made all the difference.


Don’t rush through all the material to get through Eastern mindful approach to practice and performance of any craft really. Quotes from Effortless Mastery. Over the course of the past three-plus decades, he’s done everything from solo dates to grand-scale work with orchestras, and he’s played with everybody from saxophonist Joe Lovano b.

Be in that mindset and in the moment when you touch your instrument. He contemplates the different sounds, and forms personal relationships with intervals, chords, rhythms, and so on If it’s difficult for you, you can’t let go and create.

The book could almost be titled, The Zen of Music Improvisation. Neither of them were known for chops, but both forced you to stop and listen.

However, the stories he told spoke to me on a deeper level. Read on to view our project ideas But by practicing small amounts, chewing fully and digesting everything from the lesson, extracting from it all the vitamins possible, one becomes mighty!

Aug 04, Tim Franklin rated it liked it. From time to time revisit the audio meditations 3. Film Reviews Jazz Ambassadors: I am interested in it from the music side, but i am thinking it will apply to a variety of creative pursuits.