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Author Takashi Matsuoka incorporates a lot of Zen Buddhist philosophy that the samurai way of life embodied. So I read it all the way through, and cannot recommend it very well at all. Set at end of the Edo period, the last years of the samurai, the book opens 6 years after Japan opened its borders to foreigners for the first time in Cloud of Sparrows reads like a cross between an action film, a western, and a cheesy melodrama.

But I try to read as much as possible, good ones and apparently bad ones, so I can have my own and decent opinion. Apr 10, Weni rated it it was amazing. I found it interesting how the author used this in conjunction with Zen Buddhism to show how Genji is able to lead and what drives him.

Jun 06, Pam rated it liked it.

El Honor del Samurai : Takashi Matsuoka :

It is evident that the author is knowledgable about feudal Japan. The dialogue and the characters have a Hollywood flavor that is a bit shallow and theatrical, but I believe the story would translate well on the big screen. Cloud of Sparrows reads like a cross between an action film, a western, and a cheesy melodrama.

Genji feeling honnor he has pre-cognition, does have visions as he was told he would. Lord Kiyori telah mati, sementara Shigeru sering menjadi gila karena ‘penglihatan2’ yang dialaminya. Ada 2 wanita dalam hidup Genji di buku pertama ini.

To make the story more gripping, Matsuoka inserted an element of the supernatural in the story and this adds suspense to the narrative. I definitely recommend this if you have any love of Japanese culture.


Tahu kapan untuk tahu dan kapan untuk tak tahu, sama pentingnya dengan pedang yang tajam. The multiple plots did not all finish at the same time, and the last one seemed like a hasty ending. In spite of the bloody, brutal and gory scenes, I found myself liking this book. View all 5 comments. Dia menjangkah lima langkah ke joli yang telah dinaikkan setinggi 1 meter oleh para penandu sehingga dia bisa masuk dengan mudahmelepas kedua pedang yang semenit lalu baru dia dfl di ikat pinggangnyamenempatkannya di dalam joli, melepaskan sandal yang dihormati dengan bungkukan oleh pelayan pembawa sandal di bawah pintu masuk joli dan mendudukkan diri di dalam matusoka.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Japanese history. Genji memandang Saiki dan berkata: One of the other things I enjoyed about this book was how the author shows how much ambiguity plays a role wl the constant power plays and shifting alliances and in how Japanese get on with each other.

It’s samurak lousy set-up for sequels. Geisha paling cantik di Edo bernama Mayonaka no Heiko yang ternyata menyimpan rahasia dan seorang gadis misionaris asal Amerika bernama Emily Gibson.

Uneven, but still enjoyable. No trivia or quizzes yet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Check it, the book’s money In return, the Japanese are confused by western clothing, mentality, and even chairs. I like his good humored nature and the descriptions of his sarcastic smile became engraved in my heart as the most notorious thing of this simple story.

It’s mattsuoka got a nice western revenge tale thrown in the mix with cowboys, six shooters, prostitutes- everything except Indians really. Ketika Genji akan pergi menyambut orang asing, dia harus memakai pakaian lengkapnya yang berlapis2, lengkap dengan hiasan rambut yang rumit. The only opportunity regarding Cloud of Sparrows for me, was the length, it went by far too fast.

A truly amazing book. Taking place inright when the west began to “invade” the east, the story centers around 5 main characters I loved the story, the complexity of the characters, the style, the imagery, and every little detail of the narrative. It was atkashi to read the differences of culture between the American missionaries and the feudal Japanese.


Set at end of the Edo period, the last years of the samurai, the book opens 6 years after Japan opened its borders to aamurai for the first time in years and 8 years after Commodore Perry threatened to bombard Edo if the shogunate refused to trade and negotiate with the West. I especially appreciate the way Mr.

El Honor del Samurai

They are each a belief system that exists. Return to Book Page.

Padahal Shigeru adalah ahli pedang klan Akaoka yang kehebatannya di buku ini disebut2 setara dengan sang legenda, Miyamoto Musashi. Suzume-no-Kumo Apakah kemampuan mengetahui masa depan bisa menguntungkan, atau justru membawa malapetaka?

The american actors are a fiery pastor trying to establish a Christian mission and convert the “heathens” with the help of his fiance and a new recruit that hides a past career as fast gun and bank robber in Texas. Feb 10, Yelsa Fahziani rated it it was amazing.

Matsuoma you liked Clavell’s Shogun, this is kind of like Diet Shogun- less pages, more ninja battles, and ,atsuoka characterization. I enjoyed the constant strategizing thought processes of those in power on how to beat their enemy clans. Beautiful story about two Americans and an amazing cast of Japanese warriors whose lives are intertwined in 19th century Japan. Yes, it is similar to Shogun and The Last Samurai in scope, detail, and entertainment.

The missionaries are also shocked by the violence that the samurai so easily administer, such as seppuku ritual suicide. I knew I would like this book – and I was right. Musuh bebuyutannya adalah Kawakami, kepala polisi rahasia Shogun Tokugawa, yang menyimpan dendam pada klan Akaoka sejak lama.