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It provides different physics concepts in shot-sized samples.

These ideas span a tremendous breadth, from the simplistic truss to the abstractions of chaos theory, from The book is very well organized as its pages reflect discoveries at a certain time period, each page summarizes the overall topic so one will not have to ponder over detail.

It will not fully educate you, but it will provide rough foundations and appropriate tools with which you can develop your knowledge. Nov 29, Ilib4kids marked it as to-read Shelves: I should have realized that giving a single page to every aspect of science, big and small, isn’t going to work, and it doesn’t. Or, it’s a physics coffee table book.

That’s an interesting history: Feb 22, Bill Krieger rated it it was ok. For the matter of relevance of humanity, I’d say topics like ‘prehistoric nuclear reactor’, ‘black diamond’, ‘hero’s jet engine’, ‘aurora borealis’, etc.

The teacher was not good at explaining and I sometimes asked my older brother for help. In this book, the prolific writer Clifford Pickover al us through an astonishing variety of inventions and discoveries that reveal the sheer range of the science and application of physics, from the Big Bang to the transistor.

I would like to get more books on physics.


: Clifford A. Pickover: Books

Watson Research Center inas a member of the speech synthesis group and later worked on the design-automation workstations. This is definitely not enough space to give a good idea of what puckover milestone is really about. So, at extremely cold temperatures atoms seem to lose their individual identities and merge into cloud or “one giant superatom”.

I thought this book was a reasonably good introduction to physics. I first learned about this series of books after my brother purchased The Biology Book from the bookstore. Cliffford did not understand physics and did not want to learn about physics. Also each entry is cross-referenced with other discoveries or scientists to give a complete picture. Even the existence of the jar was unknown until when it was first discovered. What I really liked about this book was the sheer variety of topics Pickover treads on; from the mundane-sounding but important gas laws to the technologically revolutionary transistor to the practically amusing baseball curveballs, the “drinking bird” to the philosophically earth-shattering Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to the exotic and wondrous Dyson spheres, Randall-Sundrum branes, quantum immortality.

The author has “picked over” milestones in the history of physics.

Read my Spanish review here: I’ve never seen a book that makes physics look more appealing, or that demonstrates the breadth of its reach and application. I understand that Pickover’s goal was to give us a sampling of the wonders of physics rather than any comprehensive overview, but his one-page descriptions of topics as important as relativity, quantum mechanics and cosmology left me hungry and restless for more.

One amazing thing Dee noticed today is the article “Prehistoric Nuclear Reactor. My brother is a great resource for teaching but I still did not understand phy The Physics Book is a phenomenal book.

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It’s by far one of my favorite subjects, and this is just the perfect book for any physics lover. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? It seems unfair and incomplete to devote a page each to both the lava lamp and the uncertainty principle when the latter is far more important for physics.


There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. As other reviewers mentioned, the book only provides one page picture and one page description of the milestone.

Just picked it up from Barnes and nobles this afternoon, and found it difficult to close Dec 29, Jolene rated it really liked it Shelves: A very interesting read. Bold for other information to be found within the book. Mar 04, Ana Burmeister rated it it was amazing. The examples illustrate the tremendous power of physics to both explain and practically enrich the world around us, at every different scale and dimension that we can conceive.

This book doesn’t state that it is a definitive account of all things physics.

What a wonderful subject understatement of the millennium. Return to Book Page. Published November 1st by Sterling first published Pickover has received over 50 invention achievement awards, three research division awards, and four external honor awards.

There’s an actual object stored a basement somewhere near France that is supposed to be the official kilogram. One slight grievance I have with the book, is its use of the formula which each scientist may have come up with.

For example, the Baghdad battery is introduced on page Pickover condenses each concept or event into a single page, accompanied by libeo visual demonstrating piickover idea as it works in our world and sometimes our vast universe!