El Testamento Maya/ the Maya Testament: Steve Alten: : Books. Aquí si se evaluan varias teorias acerca de los Mayas y sus interpretaciones. El Testamento Maya By Steve Alten is about the Maya calendar and the Maya .. y el dia de la independencia, obtienes este libro el testamento maya, un libro. The Paperback of the El testamento Maya (La trilogía Maya #1) by Steve Alten at Barnes El prisionero del cielo (The Prisoner of Heaven).

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Just put some effort into the storytelling, make sure your basic facts are straight, and I’ll suspend disbelief long enough stevw breeze through the book and won’t notice a thing. Other books in the series.

Of course once someone else points out the failures I’ll happily join in on the lambasting. Lots of Pseudo Faux Science Fun Once the focus was shifted to Mick and the actual thriller part was embraced, I could see why people could–some would–like this very much.

Premises less than promising? To view it, click here. At the completion of the novel, I discovered it is the first in a trilogy. It is definitely a tough read for those who are not very fluent in Spanish. The “squeezing” in of such characters, and the premises they come can quickly get alienated by the plot and vice versa.

Still, it was well researched and interesting.

Instead all of dd were inspired by White Men with Blue eyes and White hair how managed to train all the savages I have read enough actual romances for that, I don’t need it in my science fiction. The biggest problem, though, is that the book is just too darn long, mostly because of all the “facts” that Alten tries to squeeze in regardless of whether or not they add anything to the story.

To quote another reviewer “there should be a category on here for Yikes that testxmento bad. To date, over 10, teachers have registered, and the success rate in getting teens to read has been unprecedented.


For one thing, the Alten cheese factor is still occasionally in effect, and some of the dialog is bad enough to make you wince. We e again and it’s 10 years later. There were some problems: He kills them but instead of getting to go back to earth he instead meets an ancient alien who tells him that the book needs a sequel and that the his job isn’t done.

Inside the ship it somehow sends out a signal, that is routed through all the ancient monuments like the Giza Pyramids and Stone Ve, turns out they were build as a way to cover up giant alien radio transmitters, that turns off all of the nuclear missiles and disarms all the mechanical birds. Dec 05, Ed rated it really liked it. The book starts off with letting us know what killed the dinosaurs. People die, people cheat, people get elected to office. testamennto

El Testamento Maya (Trilogía Maya): : Steve Alten: Books

Jul 27, Pearl rated it really liked it. The Russian Premier isn’t impressed so he says hold onto your asses and does not blow up his missiles. Domain is a really ambitious novel–the first in a trilogy–from Steve Alten, who seems to be trying to get people to see him as the next Michael Crichton instead of as a poor man’s Peter Benchley.

But I’m happy that I read this. El primer tercio del libro me entretuvo, hasta que empezaron a salirse las cosas un poco de control y realidad.

And by put some effort into the storytelling I mean, have the characters act like the rational, slightly cynical but impossibly curious scientists they’re supposed to be. Well, again that will depend on the reader. I feel like she should be lined with metal then wrapped a,ten copper. It is easy to see why some readers feel Steve Alten buries them under a mountain of information.

I glanced at the blurb and thought interestingbut put it back and decided to look it up in the library.

Domain (The Domain Trilogy, #1) by Steve Alten

Lists with This Book. For the record, I pray to God that I’m wrong. Yes the book starts off with dinosaurs being wiped off, particularly a group of velociraptors take that Chricton, by an slten ship crash landing into the earth.


Share your thoughts with other customers. What we do have is total responibility as to how we play the hand. Dominique ends the book pregnant with twins and knowing that Mick is alive and will return some day. The mixing of first and third person limited narratives didn’t work. There is an earth quake people die and a large amount of black goo rises.

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At times its hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction. Story, a young man, Mike Gabriel, has been mwya in a mental institute for years by lies from a man who Did not realize this was a Trilogy, will have to get the other two now. Eventually Mick convinces Dominique that he’s telling her the truth. He has one eye and is Secretary of State.

I gave the book four stars because I don’t know if I was that enamored to want to complete the series.

When the sun rises they, being solar powered, create Nuclear Fusion explosions. Well it turns out that the Secretary of State was at one time an archaeologist. Let’s get the hard part over: Michel was an archeologist, him and his father testanento Gabriel a famous archeologist tried to discover the significant of the Maya prophecy.

Now it’s on to La Resurreccion Maya. This was the last book I expected to read a bad romance in. I was horrified, i was intrigued. Published June 17th by Tor Books first published Another word that could describe the book would be interesting because is interesting to know how the Mayas,the Olmecs, And the Aztecs were able to be so advanced in astronomy,mathemathics, and steeve.