Ella Minnow Pea is a novel by Mark Dunn. The full title of the hardcover version is Ella Minnow Pea: a progressively lipogrammatic epistolary fable, while . Playwright Dunn tries his hand at fiction in this “progressively lipogrammatic epistolary fable,” and the result is a novel bursting with creativity, neological mischief. Ella Minnow Pea is a girl living happily on the fictional island of Nollop off the coast of South Carolina. Nollop was named after Nevin Nollop, author.

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The problems start when – ker-smash! Dunn has fashioned a real novel here — wordplay just happens to be at the centre of b.

Namely my level of English is not on such a high level to be able to fully absorb what this lovely novel offers. Her name is a play on words as it sounds like the pronunciation of the letters “LMNOP”, fitting with the content of the novel.

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn – Reading Guide – : Books

But for the most part, the people survive. I atmire my hantyworg. They are currently in the development and script writing phase and expect to complete the film in What is the significance of this? Many decide that living on the island under this tyranny is not worth it, so they rebel in order to be banished.

Review: Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

After all, it’s the leaders’ job to lead, right? Published September 17th by Anchor first published October 1st Read it Forward Read it first. Much of the lipogrammatic sections read naturally, though there are a few odd phrases birth anniversary instead of birthday and made up words Satto-gatto instead of Saturday. Likewise, the characters were so poorly developed that I was never quite sure who the letters were being written by or to whom they were being sent.


Citizens are publicly flogged, placed in stocks, their property confiscated and their lives ruined, all for slips of the tongue.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Island Council decrees it is the will of Nollop dead for nearly a century for his ;ea to no longer use those letters. Fraudulent atrocity stories have an mmark on a war: These become increasingly evident as more tiles hy and more letters are taken out of circulation. Such a clever title.

For the most part. Thus, the book is an invaluable introduction to the art of critical reading—as well as to such literary forms as the fable, the political satire, and the epistolary and lipogrammatic novel. In fact we learn surprisingly little about the politics of Nollop. I thought ‘what a cute idea! What started as a simple inconvenience slowly creeps into a dystopian nightmare as days and months are renamed.

Problem is that it was TOO clever How is it more like a fable than a novel?

The novel also addresses the importance of freedom of speech. Okay, it’s a cool idea. What does this augur for the success of the Enterprise? It was one of the most unique and creative stories I’ve ever read.


Sep 26, Lucy rated it liked it.

Ella Minnow Pea Reader’s Guide

I had expected dynn be reading this to fulfill the South Carolina slot in this season’s challenge. But I plead no sleep and little light to read by. A Novel In Letters”.

He makes liquor jugs and other ceramic vessels for a living, and he is a recovering alcoholic. It’s fresh, clever, and fun. They’re governed by a town council, and revere the fictional historical character of Nevin Nollop, supposedly the originator of the pangrammatic phrase, “The quick brown fox jumps over the laz A post-apocalyptic book club selection which is technically not post-apocalyptic, but we are flexible like that.

They realize that if they speak out for their freedom of speech, they will be punished. A band of intrepid islanders forms an underground resistance movement; their goal is to create a shorter panagram than Nollop’s original, thereby rescinding the council’s draconian diktat.

The minnod on information imposed by police states from Syria to Egypt and Bahrain to Tunisia had been broken.

Charming, intellectually engaging, and filled with fascinating wordplay, Ella Minnow Pea is a cautionary tale about authoritarianism, about the dangers of reading signs and symbols where there are none—and about the irrepressible human urge to speak freely. What final revelation emerges about the once-revered Nollop?