Some have claimed the chess actually originated from the Tarot; there being no However, Enochian Chess can be used as a divinatory tool, by determining. Enochian or Rosicrucian Chess. Rules of Play. Preface. The flat-back, two- dimensional idea for the playing pieces simply doesn’t work, as the pieces are just too. The First Definitive Study of Enochian Chess Enochian chess’ fascinating history begins in the late s, when occultists Wynn Westcott and MacGregor.

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The one who throws the highest number chooses the Angle he or she wishes to play. Ennochian early King attack can be allowed by P2c, which will prove to be a disadvantage if your ally does not back you up. Example 3 Fire Board playing widdershins. Murray gives a version chesss well in his monumental History of Chess.

If water or earth be the Prime Player, the opposing Queens govern the Air, Fire, Leo and Aquarius squares in their own Lesser Angles ancl in the others of the same rank; while in the other rank they govern Virgo, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn squares.

The four sets of pieces were variously colored, and identified with Egyptian deities or “god-forms”.

Team Play There is no individual winner in Enochian chess. This can lead a skilled player into dif- xhess, giving a less skilled player the upper hand. But in the central 16 its full power is devel- oped and it can move to eight others. Unbelievable 5 min ago.


The chessboards and their arrangements 1. In this case a pawn is returned to the board and takes the role of the piece that is duplicated. It cannot leap over any pieces; therefore, its move is stopped if it does not capture the chezs obstructing its move.

One would use the fully constructed flashing set for divination play. He gains a dou- ble stake: The base he stands on is red, and his skin is naturally colored.

The meanings of the attributions described below are discussed further in Part III. Llewellyn Worldwide cannot guaran- tee that every letter written to the author can be answered, but all will be forwarded.

The original Golden Dawn version chsss the deosil direction of play, but experimentation with both directions shows that it can be played either way. See Steganographia, Frankfurt, It follows, too, that the Bishops and the Queens are great opponents, since the Bishops operate over the same system as their opposing Queens. A Pic move only adds enochan the block on the Bishop and is subject to a Queen and Rook attack to check.

When a king is captured all the pieces of that color become frozen. The conduct of the game 4. He would not have been given the papers for a higher level.

Enochian chess – Wikipedia

These directions of movement have been matters of controversy for many years. Her arm bands and wrist- bands are blue and yellow striped. The Rook moves through columns as through ranks. She has blue arm bands and wristbands with a black cen- ter stripe, and she holds a green lotus with a red top and yellow stripe in her right hand and a green ankh in her left. Upon reaching its normal promotion zone a priviledged pawn may be promoted to a queen, rook, bishop, or knight as the player chooses.


Each player is well protected and positioned, ready for a long fight ahead.

Enochian Chess

A symbolizes Fire and its triangle is colored red with all symbols drawn thereon in green. It is important, though, to get as many pieces working as possible. The squares below the small crosses are dubbed the Servient Squares and relate to the 12 signs chsss the Zodiac and the four elements proper. I mean, it could be viewed as an unconscious expression.

Her tunic is red.

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Each of these pieces govern 16 squares on the board, four in each Lesser Angle: Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is fnochian paid in full within 6 months.

The blue and black kings can be adjacent without giving each other check. It also provides a way of constructing a four-handed chess set without all the colors and symbology for the non-occultist.