MVAC (). MVAC-like ( or ). Non-MVAC (). * If R Section of the Clean Air Act (CAA) directs EPA to establish requirements to prevent the. Motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) systems provide passenger comfort Servicing of these systems is regulated under section of the. Specific MVAC regulatory authority is given by Section of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA). Section is included in Chapter of this manual, and .

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Venting refrigerants into the atmosphere had been a commonplace practice.

After November 15, who can purchase containers of refrigerant weighing less than twenty pounds? Mainstream is certified by the EPA to provide both and certification. Technicians will sectlon learn about the laws enacted to protect the stratospheric ozone layer. If the shop is sold, the new owner must submit a new equipment owners certification.

Examples of 69 include dismantling MVACs, any repairs to a system that requires removal of the MVAC or disconnection of hoses, leak testing, or adding refrigerant to “top off” a system. Make sure you are prepared for the exam by following these 9 tips. Hence, reducing or eliminating CFC emissions during MVAC servicing is more feasible if inspectors confirm that the proper equipment is in use, and that it is being used by properly trained personnel.

Total of 18 certified technicians. Army Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School. The price is set by the program administering it, not by the EPA itself. Name of Person in Charge 5. A standard form for this purpose, is included in Chapter 6.

As with any exam, preparation is key to success. Good records with only a few missing required information? Certification forms for trained technicians or copies of all training certificates, of the technicians who are authorized to use the equipment, must be maintained by the service establishment. Small Business Certification Shops that performed service on less than motor vehicle air conditioners in are considered small entities and have until January 1, to purchase equipment and train technicians.

Specific information will be reviewed, and photocopied if deemed appropriate by the inspector. Evidence has indicated that the air within buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air. To qualify for this extension, mvc shop must certify to EPA by Sectioon 1, that it is a small entity. Once refrigerant leaves a site it must be reclaimed to the more stringent mbac of purity defined by the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Institute ARI Standard The Final Rule is pending promulgation.


Setion anticipates that these vehicles will be covered esction the prohibition of venting, Sectionalthough EPA has reserved the right to reconsider and include these vehicles under Section The seller must maintain these records for three years.

Any person who repairs or services a motor vehicle air conditioning MVAC system for consideration payment or bartering must be properly trained and certified under section of the Clean Air Act by an EPA-approved program.

Does the business sell wholesale as well as retail? More Info Get Certified Online Free Training Software View Manual Refrigerant A is a near azeotropic refrigerant, meaning that while it is a non-azeotrope refrigerant it exhibits a very low temperature glide during evaporation or condensation, making it behave very nearly like an azeotropic refrigerant. Passenger cars, vans, pickup trucks, and commercial vehicles are among the obvious examples of everyday motor vehicles that have MVAC units regulated under Section of the Clean Air Act.

Section specifically covers service and repair of motor vehicle air conditioning MVAC units and the handling of specific refrigerants associated with MVACs. All technicians servicing MVAC-like appliances must be certified.

Section 609 Technician Training and Certification Programs

Poor records with most lacking required information: What document contains the authority to regulate the servicing of motor vehicle air conditioners? The purpose of Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning certification, as established by EPA, is to teach technicians and test their ability to properly handle and recover refrigerants. Various training programs have been developed to meet this industry need, and the inclusion of the sample training certification forms in this manual is not an endorsement of one training program over another.

An inspector may also compare the equipment manufacturer, make and model with the Table listing UL certified equipment provided in Chapter 4. There is a great deal of very detailed information that is covered by this certification. Refrigerant A is a near azeotropic refrigerant, meaning that while it is a non-azeotrope refrigerant it exhibits a very low temperature glide during evaporation or condensation, making it behave very nearly like an azeotropic refrigerant.


Due to a lapse in appropriations, EPA websites will not be regularly updated. ETL may also test and approve equipment. The name and address of the reclaimer must still be kept on file. Effective five years after the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments ofthe term ‘refrigerant’ shall also include any substitute substance. Being well-versed in the material will let you to approach the exam with confidence.

Anyone who repairs or services a motor vehicle air manjal MVAC system for any kind of compensation must be trained and certified in accordance secion section of the Clean Air Act. Are the customer invoices: This will make it easier to verify that you are answering the questions correctly.

The regulations are expected to be proposed in late This option is not available to chains or franchises, shops with the same name and different owners.

Specifically, inspectors needing further clarification of “gray areas” may contact Belinda Breidenbach at: Section addresses handling and recycling of refrigerants used in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Are customer invoices available? For any or all invoices or records mnaual, were photocopies made?

On-site recycling involves equipment specifically designed and approved for cleaning the refrigerant from a motor vehicle air conditioner.

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) Inspection Program <Training Manual>

Some of the topics and information covered on the exam include: Service involving the refrigerant means any service during which xection or release of refrigerant from the motor vehicle air conditioner to the atmosphere can reasonably be expected to occur.

What types of vehicles are not covered under Section ? On-site recycling can be done to the SAE J standard.