Op deze pagina vindt u Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien ( Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, (Europees. Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Novelty 1. An invention shall be considered to be new if it does not form part of the state of the. Art. Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Representation before the European Patent Office 1. Representation of natural or legal.

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It shall have suspensive effect. The legal consequence laid down in Article 86, paragraph 1shall ensue upon expiry of the six-month period. If signed in due time, the document shall retain its original date of receipt; otherwise it shall be deemed not to have been received.

That office shall, subject to the provisions governing national security, transmit the request directly to the central industrial property offices of the Contracting States specified therein. Unless this Convention or national laws provide otherwise, ruropees European Patent Office and the central industrial property office of any Contracting State shall, on request, communicate to each other any useful information regarding European or national patent applications and patents and any proceedings concerning them.

General and definitions Toon wetstechnische informatie. Statements made in any other language shall be entered in the official language into which they are translated. The central industrial property office of a Contracting State shall forward to the European Patent Office any European patent application filed with it or any other competent authority in that State, in accordance with the Implementing Regulations.

Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien (Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, 05-10-1973

Appointment of employees during a transitional period Toon wetstechnische informatie. Without prejudice to Rulethe description, claims and drawings may be amended, provided that the amendments are occasioned by a ground for opposition under Articleeven if that ground has not been invoked by the opponent.


The human body and its elements Toon wetstechnische informatie. Voting rules Article Issuing priority documents Toon wetstechnische informatie. Conference of ministers of the Contracting States. The right of priority shall have the effect that the date of priority shall count as the date of filing of the European patent application for the purposes of Article 54, paragraphs 2 and 3, and Article 60, paragraph 2.

Art. Europees Octrooiverdrag – :: voorheen

Part XI Transitional Provisions. Filing of a European patent application Article Departments entrusted with the procedure Article If, however, the European patent application has been filed in a language which is not an official language of the European Patent Office, that text shall be the application as filed within the meaning of this Convention.

The group of Contracting States may provide that a European patent application for which these Contracting States are designated may only be transferred, mortgaged or subjected to any legal means of execution in respect of all the Contracting States of the group and in accordance with the provisions of the special agreement. Examination by the European Patent Office of its own motion Toon wetstechnische informatie. Renewal fees for the European patent application. If the applicant submits such amendments, he shall be deemed to have approved the grant of the patent as amended.

Publication of the European patent application. Nothing in this Convention shall be construed as limiting the right of some or all of the Contracting States to conclude special agreements on any matters concerning European patent applications or European patents which under this Convention are subject to and governed by national law, such as, in particular. The President of the European Patent Office shall lay down the details and conditions and, where appropriate, any special formal or technical requirements for the filing of documents.


Exclusion and objection Article Where the applicants for or proprietors of a European patent are not the same in respect of different designated Contracting States, they shall be regarded as joint applicants or proprietors for the purposes of proceedings before the European Patent Office.

Form and content of the abstract Toon wetstechnische informatie. Request for the application of national procedure Toon wetstechnische informatie. Renewal fees for a European patent. A European patent application may be transferred or give rise to rights for one or more of the designated Contracting States.

Form of the drawings Toon wetstechnische informatie. Examining Divisions Toon wetstechnische informatie. Meer vacatures Plaats vacature. Article 96 [Vervallen per ].

Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – :: voorheen

Non-prejudicial disclosures Toon wetstechnische informatie. Petition for review by the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

Paragraph 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis. Cover for expenditure for carrying out special tasks Toon wetstechnische informatie. Level of fees and payments — Special financial contributions Toon wetstechnische informatie. During a period of one year from the date on which the accession of a State to this Convention takes effect, entry on that list may also be requested by any natural person who.

Opposition Toon wetstechnische octgooiverdrag.