Buy Fantasy for Euphonium and by SPARKE P at Concert Band Sheet Music. Documents Similar To Fantasy for Euphonium and Concert Band – Phillip Sparke[ 1]. Cafe Solo Part. Uploaded by. FornYun Wang. II Mov Concerto For.

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To avoid confusion, this work here goes under it’s French title ‘Piece de Concert’, but it is one and the same. This composer himself made several, and this arrangement borrows some of his counter-melodies. The title makes an obvious reference to Mr. The first is slow fantasg melancholy with a marching bass line.

Repeated passages may, of course, be cut if required, giving a wide range of durations to suit your needs. Enter the code below: The 2nd main subject tranquillo is hyper romantic with rich chromatic harmonies redolent of the 20th-century British light music genre.

A superb work with Sparke’s characteristic rhythmic energy, driving intensity, beautiful melodies, and of course listenability. Zeus, the ruler of the gods, instructed Hermes to collect the parts make the body whole again. The middle movement is some of the best lyrical writing available for the euphonium – so much that Steven Mead sometimes even programs this movement by itself. The music depicts both their dark and light sides.

Following a slow introduction, which shows off the player’s style and expressive qualities, come three virtuosic variations and a blistering finale.

This fantastic piece is now finally available with piano accompaniment thanks to a skillful reduction by Brian Bowen. This leads to an ‘Allegro giusto,’ still based on the opening motif of a minor 3rd which unifies the whole piece.

This completed version of the adagio is in sonata form, its main theme closely resembling Mozart’s famous motet Ave verum corpus. We are very proud to present this beautiful and atmosphere new original work by Johann van der Linden. While still true to the original format, Pearls II is more difficult in terms of range and flexibility. The Euphonium is given much lyrical writing in equal measure to passages requiring aggressive gusto and command by contrast.


Although Barry had passed away in January for me his presence was all around and this, the work’s slow movement, is a tribute to him. The piece was inspired by the myth surrounding the great firebird of Persian legend. There are two parts which divide into four movements. The syncopated theme stated by the violin has a distinct Spanish flavour with some idiomatic Spanish rhythms and featuring huge leaps and brilliant arpeggios.

All in all it’s a quite outstanding composition, deserving to be more widely played.

You need strong chops for this one! La Campanella is renowned for its intricate and technically demanding solo passages with flashy finger work, numerous double-stops and constantly bouncing bow.

Originally for bassoon, Eric Wilson has expertly transcribed this beautiful piece for euphonium and piano. The development is mainly concerned with material derived from the opening subject. Allegro mon troppo; Andante ma non troppo, eiphonium Moderato con animo. We use cookies to facilitate the usage of our online shop.

The third movement returns to the fiery rhythmic character of the first movement but this time more emphasis sparks placed upon mixed and is symmetrical metres so that the solid feel of the barline is lost.

Sparke Fantasy

The second movement opens with a warm, romantic melody which is soon taken up by the soloist. Elegie opens with an unaccompanied passage, originally written as a short memorial piece, but later adapted as the basis of this more developed work for euphonium or trombone and brass quintet.

Carnival of Venice This arrangement was out of print for many years before its publication in this album in and its popularity since then attests to its quality. This concerto came to prominence thanks to the performances and CD recording by the Finnish euphonium star Yukka Myllys. Premier Solo de Concert – J.


The second movement is entitled Passepied a Breton dance similar to a quick minuet, popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Fantasy for Euphonium – Philip Sparke – Euphonium – Sheet Music / Music Scores

La Campanella has become a popular display piece with transcriptions available for other solo instruments. El Cant dels ocells is a Catalan folk song dedicated to his memory. The Euphonium Virtuoso Collection is a new series of euphonium solos arranged by Luc Vertommen especially for Steven Mead euphoniun offers exciting study and performance opportunities for every aspiring soloist.

It is quite beautiful music, with a few gentle jazz elements heard. The title, a reference to the aforementioned Summit, also connotes the thrill of strenuous climbs to distant peaks. Delightfully simple in construction, this piece has a gentle lilt with a dream-like quality. As well as a considerable quantity of chamber, vocal and instrumental music, he has composed twelve extended works for Brass Band and five symphonies for Symphonic Wind Orchestra. As an accompanist, Barbara plays regularly at school, university and professional concert venues throughout the United States and Canada, has recorded for CBC Radio and has premiered numerous works for other composers at International congresses.

Sarasate also achieved some eulhonium as a composer of virtuoso spafke music.

In this version with piano it is an outstanding concert work with alternate virtuoso and lyrical sections, with lively rhythms, cross rhythms and syncopations requiring great agility and dexterity. The final section can be performed as a stand alone piece. Whatever the euphonjum is, it is increasingly disturbing until the sleeper wakes and the tension subsides.