EPC/Turnkey Contract. REGISTER NOW http://fidicepcturnkeyprojects or call (Globe) (Sun). FIDIC – Conditions of Contract for EPC-Turnkey NY 01/03/09 PM. GENERAL CONDITIONS. GUIDANCE. FIDIC EPC/Turnkey Contract, understanding and its implementation in power plant projects in Indonesia. Dr. Sarwono Hardjomuljadi [email protected] id.

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Often the construction project the EPC – Engineer, Procure, Construct – Contract is only one part of a complicated commercial venture, and financial or other failure of this construction project will jeopardize the whole turnket.

EPC/Turnkey Contract 1st Ed (1999 Silver Book)

The charts are illustrative, however, and must not be taken into consideration in the interpretation of the Conditions of Contract. Guidance for the Preparation of Conditions Particular Application. General Conditions; Part 2: If drafters wish to amend the provisions found in the General Conditions, the place for doing this is in the Particular Conditions Part B — Special Provisions, as mentioned above, and not by making changes in the General Conditions as published. Shopping basket Your shopping basket is empty.

Conditions of Contract for EPC Turnkey Projects, which are recommended where one entity takes total responsibility for the design and execution of an engineering project.

Clearly the Contractor will rightly increase his tender price to account turnkdy such extra risks.

Knowledge Management

Modifications to the Conditions may be required in some legal jurisdictions, particularly if they are to be used on domestic contracts. Clearly the Employer will wish fiidic know and follow progress of the work and be assured that the time programme is being followed.

All such matters, when agreed, shall then form part of the signed Contract. Watermarked Contracts and Agreements Collection English only electronic version. In the preparation of the Conditions of Contract to be included in the tender documents for a contract, the following text can be used:.

During recent years it has been noticed that much of the construction market requires a form of contract where certainty of final price, and often of completion date, are of extreme importance.


This Second Edition of the FIDIC Silver Book maintains the principles of risk sharing established in the edition, while seeking to build on the eepc experience gained from its use over the past 18 years. These risk sharing principles are continued in the new updated versions of the Red and Yellow Books.

FIDIC has published a document entitled “Tendering Procedure” which presents a systematic approach to the selection of tenderers and the obtaining fiidc evaluation of tenders; the second edition was fidiic in Watermarked Compilation of all Collections English electronic version. Conditions of Contract for EPC Turnkey Projectswhich are recommended where one entity takes total responsibility for the design and execution of an engineering project.

Even under such contracts the Employer does carry certain risks such as the risks of war, terrorism and the like and the other risks of Force Majeure, and it is always possible, and sometimes advisable, for the Parties to discuss other risk sharing arrangements before entering into the Contract.

Thus the Employer does not have to attempt to alter a standard form intended for turnkkey risk arrangement, and the Contractor is fully aware of the increased risks he must bear. The forms are recommended for general use where tenders are invited on an international basis.

Watermarked Compilation of all Collections English electronic version. Depending on the type of work and the circumstances, hurnkey form may also be suitable for contracts of greater value, particularly for relatively simple or repetitive work or work of short duration. Compilation of all Collections English printed version. Clauses 1 to By providing a standard FIDIC form for use in such turnnkey, the Employer’s requirements for more risk to be taken by the Contractor are clearly stated.

This Dispute Adjudication Agreement provides text for the agreement between the Employer, the Contractor and the person appointed to act either as sole adjudicator or as a member of a three-person dispute adjudication board; and incorporates turnmey reference the terms in the Appendix to the General Conditions.

FIDIC very much appreciates the time and effort devoted by all the above persons.

For example, this edition provides: A feature of this type of contract is that the Contractor has to prove the reliability and performance of his plant and equipment. The guidance hereafter is intended to assist writers of the Particular Conditions by giving options for various sub-clauses where appropriate.


Where example wording is amended, and in all cases where other amendments or additions are made, care must be taken to ensure that no ambiguity is created, either with the General Conditions or between the clauses in the Particular Conditions.

Another relevant FIDIC publication is “Tendering Procedure”, which presents a systematic approach to the selection of tenderers and the obtaining and evaluation of tenders.

FIDIC – Conditions of Contract for EPC-Turnkey Projects

Contracts and Agreements Collection English electronic version. This publication also includes a number of sample forms to help both Parties to develop a common understanding of what is required by third parties such as providers of securities and guarantees.

Apart from the more recent and rapid turnkeyy of privately financed projects demanding contract terms ensuring increased certainty of price and performance, it has long been apparent that many employers, particularly in the public sector, in a wide range of countries have demanded similar contract terms, at least for turnkey contracts.

Contracts and Agreements Collection English only printed version. Nevertheless, such changes do not do away turney the need of having a standard form. Second Stage Update Task Group: This Sub-Clause becomes inapplicable even if it is ecp deleted if it is disregarded by not specifying the amount of the advance. Therefore the tendering procedure has to permit discussions between the Tenderer and the Employer about technical matters and commercial conditions.

Under the usual arrangements for this type of contract, the Contractor carries out the Engineering, Procurement and Construction, and provides a fully-equipped facility, ready for operation at the “turn of the key”. Before incorporating any example wording, it must be checked to ensure that it is wholly suitable for the didic circumstances.