Flipped () is a young adult novel by Wendelin Van Draanen set from c to It is a stand-alone teen romance in a he-said she-said style with the. Two distinct, thoroughly likable voices emerge in Van Draanen’s (the Sammy Keyes series) enticing story, relayed alternately by eighth graders Bryce and Juli. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Follow her on Twitter: This is not a bad thing especially if you’re a fan of the romance genre, but I’m really not much of a romance reader. I’m not flipled that its satisfy my want to see what will they become after that.

Flipped – Wikipedia

Return to top of page. The updated anniversary edition contains 32 pages of extra backmatter: Writing a sequel will just ruin it, I think. Oblivious to this fact, July intimidated Bryce with her forthrightness and curiosity while Bryce tried to hide from her as much as possible.

Well just seeing the cover and reading the back details of the book, you’ll immediately assume that its just your typical boy-meet-girl puppy love story- cute and severely simple. I felt Bryce still needed to grow as a person, and Juli was learning to love herself, so I was happy with them …more I actually preferred the book ending.

Her feelings for Bryce deteriorate even further when she overhears him talking to a classmate about her mentally challenged uncle.


It is short true and a middle grade story again, true but it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages! With a charismatic leading lady kids will flip over, a compelling dynamic between the two narrators and a resonant ending including flipled clever double entendre on the titlethis novel is a great deal larger flippsd the sum of its parts.

I think I suggested it. Perfect and optimistic ending?

Still walking around with my first kiss. Oct 09, Pages Young Adult Buy. What an amazing evolution you showed us!

Now, let’s face it, he was really believable. A smile that is so optimistic, it can cure cancer. He was really That was so stinkin’ adorable. At first sight, it seems pretty simple: Yes, its quiet amusing that they understand things at early ages, in short, they are darn s I just fell in love with it and its simplicity and innocence.

It was exactly the good level of cuteness and laughter without never being cheesy. But I still loved it, flipled if it did make me, you know, think a bit.

So, with that in mind, I did get a bit confused as to how old these kids were. I needed a good flippped from all the greedy and dark reads and this one was exactly what my poor soul wanted: But then, Juli starts to realize that Bryce is more than his blue eyes, and Bryce starts to realize that what matters are the matters of the heart.

Looking for More Great Reads? For real, that’s one of the first time where a book is making me want to see a movie apparently its’ really famous? Spot-on potrayal of being young; hence, giving the reader a sense of nostalgia?


Paperbackpages. The Best Books of Brilliant really and so refreshing! Well, a little less afraid teenager? Julianna ‘Juli’ Gan meets Bryce Loski two weeks before the beginning of second grade. Reading it is be all the time like this: May 15, at 4: If, like me, you cannot think of that film without sobbing like a small child then look away.

When I finished this book, I realized that I didn’t love my crush and I wasn’t falling in love with him or maybe I was, but only to his appearance and I finished this book, I felt completely moved on.

View all 11 comments. On one side Juli isn’t willing to die for Bryce or something similar, but accepts that at the moment she saw him she gets hooked and that’s why the history gets unleashes.

Top 100 Children’s Novels #92: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Also, the characters are perfect. May 5, I’m proudly obsessed with this book and this has a special place in my heart. Juli used to follow Bryce around since the first time they met.

And just admitting it to myself instead of hiding from it made me feel strong. It touches the same theme Paper Towns discussed—the idea of misimagining someone. The entire Baker clan!