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Ifinally began to mention before each workshop that this might hap-pen, that about half the people would experience the sacred spacewithin the heart and their lives would be changed by the experience,whereas the other half would go away not having experienced any-thing at all.

Of course,if this is true, it begins to reveal an even deeper level of the nature ofhuman potential. Soon afterward we returned to Sedona where he gave me a big hug,looked into my eyes for one last time and left.

Then the little girl would enter the stage, wave her hands and all And what the Kogi Mamas wanted me to do was teach ortransmit this ability to other people.

Excitedly, I leaned forwardout of the ring and pushed my hand as far as possible into the rock. And so I amindebted to her, for her Images of the Heart eventually led me to this expe-rience that I am about to share with you. This gave a much stronger system and affected deeper into Phoenix.

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You will have the option to place yourself on the waiting list for the first available seat or you can select the next available event. And one day I foundmyself in Australia teaching about the Mer-Ka-Ba when one of thestudents said, “Well, if the R-2 can change the atmosphere over anarea, why cant a person who knows the Mer-Ka-Ba do it himself? She became uninhibited andprimitive; she would dance with the movements, abandon and inten-sity of one who had given herself over to the chanting and musicnot something you would expect from a modem woman.

Melchizsdek Documents Living melchizedwk the heart drunvalo melchizedek.

Thiscrumpled-up page was placed under the armpit of one of the chil-dren, also selected at random. Since both Mary Ann and Inge used the same inner screen to see, Ihad to ask Paul Dong, who had studied these children extensively,about the superpsychic children in China.


I am certain that there is a way for you to find your sacredspace of the heart. Amajor in the Air Force told me that as the Mer-Ka-Ba disk expands,one person in his or her Mer-Ka-Ba field puts out about the sameenergy magnetic pulse as a city of about fifteen thousand people.

They havenever let her go and mepchizedek to use her for their own purposes.

Dezvoltare personala |

Lots and lots of birds were perched in thenearby trees, singing softly. During that time in my life, I was living with a Native Americanfamily on the high desert plains outside of Taos, New Mexico. Humankind melcchizedek now going rapidly for a new level of consciousness and for us to be able to make this shift we have to remember to live from our hearts and activate our MerKaBa from our Sacred Space of floareaa Heart.

So Inge, all dressed in white and very beautiful, walked up to thearea where I was teaching. Holygrailsfantulgraal’s Blog Just another WordPress.

They did this over andover for a vietki of, as I remember, about three months. Sometimes, in the middle of downtown Phoenix, the hydro-carbons were measured at zero.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Geometria Sacra – Floarea vietii 02/19

But the males of this tribe who were teaching the Mer-Ka-Ba found that their people were not readyfor direct interdimensional experience and became extremely emotionally disturbed once they interacted with other worlds directly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I was only 17 years a fleet manager and am always willing to learn.

The reason we are writing this letter is to inform you that we are dis- mantling our system as of May 12, Evenif they were born of the same cosmic Source, brothers and sisters wereunable to express their thoughts and feelings and soon became ene-mies. The rain continued for three daysand hadnt stopped when 1 had to return to America.

Thewoman was surprised that Inge could know such things and thenasked her if she could move through her house. Immediately I turned to him and inquired, “Well, where did youlearn to speak English with a Californian accent so perfectly?

Then Inge thumbed through a stack of magazines for a few min-utes until she found just the right photo, a full-page spread of a rhi-noceros crossing a blue river that looked like it was taken in Africa.


Then, on the third night, they handed me an oldclay pot and asked me what I felt about it. We were in complete darkness. How did she manage to travel fromColombia to Mexico and back again by air with no complications? Macki Meelchizedek was an impressive man weighing about three hundredand fifty pounds.

To me it was beautiful to watch her, but the other Colombianswere embarrassed by her actions. Un om pregatit sa arunce toate mastile, toate caracterele prefabricate, toata ipocrizia, gata sa arate lumii cine este el cu adevarat. We flew at a tremendousspeed, staying maybe one hundred feet above the trees clinging tothe sides of the rising mountains until finally we dropped over aridgeline down into a high mountain valley, where a village ofround straw huts nestled.

After perhaps another five minutes, she asked again, and therestill was nothing. She put the magazine in Mias lap and placed her hands on the edgeof the photo to let her know where it melchizeddek. On the Cusp of the Wave life and times. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

floarea vietii drunvalo melchizedek pdf download

Somewhere within the innerworlds of my spaces, an esoteric jewel of immense spiritual valuethat goes beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba gradually made its way into my life. Instantly, Mia exclaimed, “Inge, I cansee. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It was one of the reasons Id left Boulder in the firstplace. A strange, unknown feeling surged throughme that felt almost sexual, yet wasnt. Together we went to each of the points and he prayed with deep reverence: A couple ofmonths later, 1 found myself in Mexico City teaching a group about theMer-Ka-Ba, when 1 told the story of the rain in Australia.

Itcontinued in this way, at such speeds that my mind could just barelymake out the images.