From the exotic splendors of India to the elegant ballrooms of Regency London, celebrated author Gaelen Foley pens the enthralling tale of a luscious beauty. Lawson’s review: Her Only Desire: A Novel by Gaelen Foley Historical Romance released by Ballantine Books 07 Mar Exotic settings. Her Only Desire. Written by Gaelen Foley Review by Audrey Braver. In , Ian Prescott, Marquess of Griffith, arrives in India on a peace mission from the.

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Hinduism does not permit polygamy. I loved his dialogue with Georgie and his flirty banter. One look at the luscious beauty has Nick ready to promise her anything, but he must resist his desire, or she could gaellen him straight back to prison.

Her Only Desire (Spice Trilogy #1) by Gaelen Foley

They must flee India at once or they will surely be killed. I spent about as fokey time reading about Indian history and culture on the net as I did reading the first half of the book.

Unfortunately, I didnt find this sexy, nor interesting, leaving me with a character I had a hard time trying to grasp. Yeah, the romance part. Something coley an 18th century feminist, Georgie takes it upon herself to judge Ian’s intentions for dealing with the land she calls home. This one was alright, but I wasn’t very impressed at all the important things that got skimmed over and left out, like the fact that Georgiana left the home and country she knew her whole life and never seemed to miss it.

Sadly, this fun-filled vengeance plot ends way too soon for my taste, but I’ll give it credit for existing in the first place. He is smitten with the hellion. Georgie’s feminist philosophy of “I don’t want to marry a man because then he’ll OWN me and tell me what to do” wasn’t a thing at this point in history. dexire


Her Only Desire

When Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, arrives on a mission to defuse the threat of war, she is immediately drawn to the mysterious and darkly handsome diplomat, and cannot resist drsire the hidden lust that smolders beneath his cool surface.

The others in the Knight series seemed above the average bodice-ripper, but this installment is just your typical Regency romance. Setelah menikah vaelen bersembunyi di Estat pedesaan Ian takut ada penculik dan pembunuh yg lainnya. Other books in the series. Masa lalunya inilah yg membuat Ian tak memikirkan bahaya yg dihadapi dalam setiap tugas diplomatik yg dijalaninya selama ini. The pages burned with the heat of the love scenes and there were just enough for their passions to sizzle, and I love how they tease each other with innuendos.

Their chemistry was written very well, and developed until they let out their passions. In charge was the Provost of Paris, Guillaume de Tignonville, the city’s chief law enforcement officer–and one of history’s first detectives.

By the time the big secret is revealed at the end of the book, I already knew it wasn’t a big deal. The story ends happily but there are some tense moments throughout the story. Talk about your bait and switch.

I’ve been on a delightful Gaelen Foley binge for the last couple of weeks, but it seems the time has come for a break. Her Only Desire Author s: An art teacher at the orphanage that was once his home, Joel Cunningham has been hired to paint the portrait of the haughty new teacher.

I fesire how Gaelen Foley chose India, with its heritage and the cradle of fertility; it’s amusing how Georgie was an eager student in the arts of sensuality. Number 1 in series Gaelen Foley No preview available – She finds a great deal of joy in life and she helps Ian find that same joy. Just steamy, detailed, surprisingly hot. Random House Publishing Group- Fiction – pages.


The action of this book opens in India with our heroine, Georgiana Knight, rushing ber where angels fear to tread in order to save an Indian friend from a bride-burning. I enjoyed this read. Kemudian ayah dan 2 saudara lelakinya selalu meninggalkan Georgie untuk urusan dan tugas mereka masing masing.

I thought it could have been resolved with a bit less drama.

Number 1 in series Spice Trilogy Author s: Ian stays behind to straighten out some of the damage. Somehow Georgiana n Ian came to an agreement to help each other in defusing the chances of war as Georgiana Knight is really staunch to her people. There was no apparent love for her home country once she left it.

Ian Prescot, Marquis Griffith adalah seorang pria dingin yg memiliki masa lalu yg menyakitkan pada pernikahannya.

Her Only Desire – Gaelen Foley – Google Books

Protestant Jane is an icily self-composed idealist, and catholic Elizabeth is Hinduism has nothing called Purdah, it doesnt condone Polygamy. Except her, of course. Sobre todo cuando son tan compatibles entre ellos. When he sees Georgie tear through the spice market he follows and narrowly saves her from an angry Indian mob. Your blood is that of the man who should have been king