The Chi Kung Bible: Beyond Self-Help: Mastering Personal Power [Mr. Gary J. Clyman ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Everything . Everything I have ever said about Chi Kung I have included when I wrote The Chi Kung Bible. Thanks and I hope you will love my first book. The Chi Kung Bible. Gary Clyman, Acupuncturist, Tinley Park, IL, , () , BRING ME YOUR PAIN! BEST HANDS = FASTEST RESULTS!.

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Been repulsing women long before that. Now as to the second answer… With the creation of The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Program comes a new and exciting option for Masters and novices alike. Having Personal Power is awesome! Enter The Chi Kung Lifestyle where 28 minutes a day can improve the rest of your day.

Skype has made the world a very small place. We hope it will be available on Showtime and or Netflix by May of this year as well. Everyone has heard of Life Coaching. Teacher never taught weapons, but there are 72 weapons in the Chinese Martial Arts, and he had a real good philosophy about weapons training. Everybody is looking for the edge.

This is why people study with me from all over the world. I am The Chi Kung Pioneer. I help with projects, screwed up marriages, new and old businesses, terrible relationships, and extremely freaky situations.


Three hours is all it takes. I talked to you this past Spring and asked you if you could fix my hip? You can practice this material all day long. Chi Circulations are my secret weapon against your chronic and acute pain. I opened my school in and built my website in What others talk about, I actually do. Everybody comes to me to get their mechanical issues resolved and the results are awesome.

Gary J. Clyman L.Ac.

Call me to talk about taking your position. Improve your personal tool box, upgrade skill set, and achieve your goals and dreams. I created this program after over 40 years of hard, consistent, intense daily practice.

I have 2 Master’s degrees in Education and am qualified to say that Gary is an amazing teacher. They said that if I did not get any better that I would have to have surgery. You can also now join our mailing list a keep up as we start adding events like College Tour Screenings as well as limited theatrical screeners around the U.

Well, Emotional Liposuction actually removes the negative emotional energy that holds you back.

Figuring out the problem comes first. You can avoid the sick-care system and all it requires is 28 minutes a day! Watch this Emotional Liposuction Treatment.

Each clymaj session will be closed with a Special Sitting Routine designed for this program. This is the ultimate. I will provide all the customer support and guidance you need to meet your goals.

You decide when you need to see me. Schedule your sessions today.


This is not a sleepy, boring useless video on tai chi. Contact me to discuss your specifics. Initiative and deservingness are what everybody needs to create change…. Watch list is full. I use all my skills Chi Circulations, kinesiology, manipulation, acupuncture, Jing Projecting, and my suction power.

We were all young at some point, even me. Click here Please make your appointment gar if you wish, you can pay for your appointment at: I am the opposite of the old Chinese Master that wants to die with all his secrets.

Watch another Emotional Liposuction Treatment Testimonial: Secondly, because of my personal Chi Kung practices, I use my Chi Circulations to make the corrections. Everything else requires completing Chi Kung first.

Chi Kung | “Chi Kung with Purpose, On Purpose”

The more you do them, the faster you see results. Activate your internal mojo. Call me gay now at or to talk! Learn how to influence your situations and surroundings. I wear a necklace, that has a Bulul A Northern Philippine statue on it. I wanted to clymaan this in The 4 DVDs are ready to ship and I can email you the entire program instantly! Stay out of the medical system! These classes are starting February 1, !