Editorial Reviews. Review. Gilded Common Core Educator’s Guide. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up—Four years after her mother’s death. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Christina Farley was born and raised in upstate New York. As a child, she loved to explore, which later inspired her to jump. A dark secret lurks in Keira’s family. She comes from a long line of Word Weavers , who bring their stories to life when they use a magical pen. But for generations.

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Desperate, Jae delves into the ancient arts of metamorphism and uses her growing power in the Spirit World.

I would recommend this novel to anyone that loves YA, urban fantasy, or that wants to read a unique and fun story that introduces the mythos of a fascinating country. The Mirrored Shard by Caitlin Kittredge. You would be hard-pressed to find an extremely traditional Korean talking well about a Japanese, for instance.

The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker. So I will give the romance aspect that. In the novel you will find references to the amazing underground system in Seoul, the palaces,the KTX train,the coffee shops,the food and the vibrant atmosphere of the city. It is just rude, and that’s what this farlley does. She keeps realizing her errors. That in itself is a great lesson. The story is set in South Korea and involves the myths of this country, which is an element that made the book incredibly unique.


Aug 24, Simona Bartolotta rated it liked it Shelves: Yuhwa doesn’t want none of that shit.

Jan 26, Meredith rated it it was amazing. She misses her mother, dead of cancer, her father barely has any time for her, and her formal, disapproving grandfather just wants her out of the country. Feb 21, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: Once I started reading, the characters, Jae, her mysterious and aloof grandfather, her best friend Michelle, her love interest Marc the setting, and fantasy elements kept delivering.

But I let him into my head. She lost me at this exact sentence I am paraphrasing though: Learn more about her by visiting her at www.

She is not to go into the sunlight. Had I the time, I would look up all the Korean myths and binge binge biiiiiiiinge on them. I cannot tolerate one who does not learn from them. Haemosu’s powers are limited to South Korea.

It does not feel like a book that takes place in Seoul, S. The book is set in Seoul, the plot is based on korean mythology and yet here have a stereotypical love interest. The mythology is well-crafted. Sep 14, M.

Gilded Series

I really am not! Jan 14, Giovanna rated it liked it Shelves: Awkward storytelling moments undercut the effectiveness of the magic girl plot, which I think YA readers especially young ones would enjoy. Generally speaking, I’d say it worthed all the longing, after all.


In fact, she might as well been described as being blonde and blue eyed like the farle of the characters in this book.

Gilded (Gilded, #1) by Christina Farley

I loved this book. It was really interesting to learn about Korean culture and myths, something I’ve never even thought about! To this day, the descendants of Princess Yuhwa are doomed to be captured and enslaved into an unwanted wedding with Haemosu. View all comments. When I first got Gilded I was unsure because of never having read something like it, but being a lover gilsed both fantasy and mythology I thought to try it.

And thus, Jae Hwa’s story begins. Each time you meet, he will pull a little piece of your soul into his realm.

It didn’t annoy me, but I wasn’t shipping it either. Irresistible and charming, Marc threatens to break the barriers around Jae’s heart.