Kjo kopje e Katalogut të provimit është e palektoruar dhe teknikisht e parregulluar .. Testi nga gjuha e huaj përbëhet nga tri pjesë: të lexuarit, leksiku/ gramatika. VAREM Trajta e regullt HANGED përdoret kur është fjala për varjen e një personi nga xhelati. Test Model Per Gjuhen Angleze Gramatika e Anglishtes. TEST MODEL PER GJUHEN ANGLEZE Testi i gjuhës angleze, si lëndë me zgjedhje, për provimin e Maturës Shtetërore do të pëmbajë50 kërkesa. Të gjtha k Gramatika (Grammer Exercise) do të ketë 20 kërkesa. 3. Të shkruarit ( Writing).

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Historia e gjuhes angleze

In English we say o in the morning -because it is considered a period of time o in the afternoon gjuhs in the evening o at night – Note: An adverb is a word or a group of words that are used to help define the action of the verb. The horse is the stables.

A defining relative clause states defining information about a person or a thing. It is not possible to say I need 4 air, or 6 sugar.


Gramatika e gjuhës angleze për fëmijë

Are you going to drive yourselves to school today? Frequency adverbs are used in positive sentences and negative sentences. Adverbs can also be used to define adjectives, or other adverbs. Color – yellow, green, pink ggjuhes. There is a beautiful picture the wall. It – It was a good cake It – I am glad it worked out in the end.

Determiners, option and facts. My cats – sometimes sleep in their beds. What are reflexive pronouns? In question when the main verb is not “to be”. Time Prepositions – Time prepositions define time. When we refer to Place prepositions we usually refer to “in”, “at” and “on”. Certain quantifiers can be used with uncountable nouns, such as some, any, much, a lot are some examples of the quantifiers that can be used with uncountable nouns.

I like that pretty green sofa. Prepositions – for – during – while Quiz 1. When most people think of nouns, they think of people, places and things but abstract nouns are the opposite. Is that cake good? Place prepositionsare prepositions that are used to describe the place or position of all types of nouns.


Filma në gj. angleze me titra anglisht | English For Life

Monday I have to go to the doctor. A list of most prepositions of place. The books are the table. A proper nouns gjuhess a specific name of a placea person, or a thing.

English Grammar ( Pjesa e parë) Gramatika e Gjuhës angleze |

Dinner will be ready 2 hours. There are three tall boys in my class. There are diffrent types of nouns. In – Is usually used to state that someone or something is in a the boundaries can be physical or virtual place.

Without this information the sentence would not be clear. The boys are tall.

There is a lot of food the refrigerator The preposition usually comes before the noun or the pronoun.